Who Makes Dereal Chainsaws | Should You Consider this Brand?

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Dereal brand produced good quality chainsaws at affordable prices. Dereal chainsaws slight looks like the Holzfforma chainsaws. But the owner of Holzfforma and dereal saws are different. So, who makes dereal chainsaws?

JonCutter brand makes the Dereal chainsaws. It is a USA-based chainsaw company that also provides versatile power tools.

Read this guide if you are buying a decent chainsaw power tool at a decent price. It will help you to know all about affordable dereal chainsaws.

Owner of derealJonCutter
Official Websitehttps://www.derealpro.com/
Turnover$64,194 in sales (USD)
Employee Count100 employees
HeadquartersSUDBURY, United Kingdom
Founding year and place1972, SUDBURY, United Kingdom

Dereal Brand Overview

Dereal is a Chinese brand that produces electric and gas-powered chainsaws. This brand is mainly selling all types of outdoor equipment and garden tools. Corded and cordless, electric and gas-powered chainsaws are the main production of dereal. But they are also selling several small and larger chainsaw parts.

Hence, note that dereal has recently sold about 101 outdoor and garden products. Dereal products are found within $13.99 to $132.99. But you can make an average $54.89 budget to get a dereal product. Because of the brand’s popularity, you can buy anything from dereal confidently.

Where are Dereal Chainsaws Manufactured?

Dereal chainsaw brand is owned by JonCutter brand. This brand produced good quality products in medium price ranges. Versatile chainsaws have been released from this brand.

The mission of dereal is to provide high-end products to the consumer. But it is good to know that dereal all products are mainly manufactured in China. But the target market for dereal products is the United States. Even the necessary raw materials are procured from the local market of China.

Are Dereal chainsaws any good?

who makes dereal chainsaws

Yes, dereal is undoubtedly a good brand. It is a great alternative to getting a high-quality chainsaw at a reasonable price. Here we noted some good features of a dereal chainsaw.

High-end design

Dereal is always appreciated for its high-end design sense of versatile chainsaws. It is designed in a way that looks nice to see and is convenient to use.

Besides, the handle design is ergonomic. There has non-slip shock absorbing technology in this chainsaw handle. As a result, dereal chainsaws are more reliable for long-lasting use.


Laboratory tested good quality raw material is used to make real chainsaws. So, it comes with an incredible, long-lasting feature. You can comfortably use these chainsaws for several years.

Besides, it has air cleaning technology that prevents larger particles and dust from entering the air filter. As a result, the engine life gets extended.

Reasonable price

Compared with other chainsaws in the market, very few brands offer affordable prices like dereal. However, the consumer is happy with the product quality despite the low prices.

So, every level of consumer can afford the price of dereal chainsaw.Versatile power sources:

You are getting three power sources for dereal chainsaws and outdoor tools. Gas-powered, electric corded and battery-powered cordless chainsaws are made in this brand.

Tool performance

Dereal tool performance can make you wonder. You will get different power choosing options for different conditions. Besides, it is suitable for versatile users.

Dereal chainsaws category according to the power source

It is good that dereal makes its products with three types of power sources. There have corded electric chainsaws that run with direct electricity. At the same time, they make cordless lithium-ion battery-powered chainsaws.

Besides, gas-powered chainsaws also have in their production. So, the consumer can choose a chainsaw or garden tool with their preferable power source.

What are the popular chainsaws of the dereal brand?

  • Dereal 38cc (It has three in one anti-vibration system and a comfortable handle)
  • Dereal 58cc (Good for lightweight and better material than other products)
  • Dereal 62cc (It has a high-quality break baffle and dual throttle switches)

People Also Ask

Are Dereal and JonCutter the Same Company?

Yes, Dereal and JonCutter are considered a similar company. However, dereal is mainly a sub-company of JonCutter company. All chainsaws produced under the dereal brand are considered a JonCutter product.

What are the best chainsaws of the dereal brand?

This chainsaw model is made in China under of dereal brand. The 62 cc is the best chainsaw from the dereal brand. There have some significant features of the 62-cc chainsaw.

>It is notably lightweight and compact in size
>High power adjustment and great cutting efficiency
>It offers superior durability year after years

Final words

Do we hope you know from our guide who makes dereal chainsaws? The deal is a sub-brand of JonCutter company. Dereal products are made in China under the Jon Cutter company.

Dereal manufactured versatile power tools. But this brand is most popular for varieties of chainsaws. If you have more questions about the dereal brand, let us know.

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