Who Makes Dacor Appliances? Is It Worth Considering?

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If you want to update your kitchen appliances or remodel your kitchen for a new look, Dacor is a must to go option for your beautiful-looking kitchen space.

But who makes Dacor appliances? Is it worth considering an option for your kitchen?

Dacor is an American-based brand that comes under the umbrella of Samsung Electronics. It offers a wide range of kitchen products with versatile features, provides ultimate convenience, and performs its function innovatively.

With its awe-inspiring designs, excellent product performance, innovative machinery, revolutionary technology, and state-of-the-art features, Dacor transforms your cooking space into a beautiful culinary experience.

It provides a luxury ownership experience to those passionate about cooking, making the entire cooking process pleasant.

Before jumping on the decision, get to know What Dacor is, who owns it, and how it has been successfully catering to its customers with its unique style, intuitive technology, and convenient features.

What Is Dacor?

Dacor is the leading brand in the luxury home brand category. It designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end kitchen appliances based in California, America.

It is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics that produces premium-tier products, including ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, ventilation hoods, warming compartments, cooktops, beverage centers, and barbecue grills.

Dacor Overview

The Company was founded in 1965 by a single owner Stanley M. Joseph. The Company’s ownership and management remained in the hands of the Joseph Family for up to three generations until Samsung adopted it in 2016.

Dacor is a brand that utilizes the expertise and heritage of a third generation. A family-owned company to provide exclusively designed luxury kitchen appliances.

The Company was initiated to revolutionize the functionality of the kitchen forever. It is one of the leading brands in the industry to offer sophisticated appliances that turn an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece. 

The Company is the largest dealer in the U.S., with its factory showroom in Los Angeles.

The Company focuses on creating distinctive appliances that are unique in style and driven by innovation.

IndustryKitchen Appliances
Founded in1965
Founded ByStanley M. Joseph
Parent CompanySamsung Electronics
Subsidiary BrandDacor
ProductsWall ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, Ventilation, Barbecue grills
Factory ShowroomLos Angeles
HeadquarterNew Jersey, United States
Serves toBusiness and Consumers

Is Dacor Worth Considering?

When it comes to spending on a high-end brand, the expectation goes into finding all the benefits of a premium brand, including impressive durability, features, outstanding designs, and superior performance. 

When considering many options, one crucial element is to look for factors that define your ideal vision of luxury. 

Among many possibilities, Dacor is an excellent choice for passionate home cooks, modern enthusiasts, and culinary experts who prefer modern high-end cooking appliances.

Dacor appliances integrate technology innovations and groundbreaking designs for an outstanding culinary experience. 

The Company’s visionary approach combines revolutionary technology solutions and handcrafted design elements for unparalleled precision, convenience, performance, and creativity in a simple, graceful exterior.

Its catalog has products that promise quality, reliability, and superior performance across all styles (Transitional, Temporary, and Professional) of appliances for you.

Dacor Different Kitchen Styles

As we have seen, Dacor has marked its presence with its unique features and versatile designs. It has always remained a top choice for consumers because of its product-focused approach. 

Keeping the consumer’s dynamic preferences and tastes in mind, Dacor has introduced three appliances with unique details and befits.

Read them below to know what fits you.

1. The Contemporary Style Appliances

The Dacor Contemporary-styled kitchen appliances have a minimalist and unique aesthetic that offers innovative and convenient design elements that pop up in your kitchen.

Its fancy, luxurious look, bright color palette, and simple designs seamlessly blend with your kitchen. It offers sleek-looking brass fittings and more recessed cooktops. 

If you choose a refrigerator or install its dishwasher, they integrate well into your kitchen, offering you the unique facility of closing the appliance automatically with its one-touch button. The fridge it has in this style category has amazing led lights illuminating your food so you can take beautiful food pictures.

2. The Professional Style Appliances

Dacor’s professional-style appliances offer stunning designs and striking features that will amaze customers.

It has lighting installed that will illuminate and elevate the look of your kitchen. The professionally styled appliances satisfy all your cooking needs.

This style is suitable for passionate chefs who spend their time in the kitchen to hone their skills. The amazingly built cooktops and the double-wall ovens enhance the cooking experience. It also provides customized options to fix with your preferred cooking style and techniques. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which can make the culinary experience more adventurous and enjoyable.

3. The Transitional Style Appliances

The elegant design combines contemporary and professional elements for the best of both worlds.

The transitional style appliance offers bold stainless steel accents and a sleek user interface that distinguishes the product and merges elements in Dacor’s Professional and Contemporary series. 

It has the brand’s latest technology and uses high-quality materials to give you a luxurious kitchen experience. It includes an inventive fridge with many options to help fit your kitchen’s aesthetic. The refrigerator has installed cameras that take photos of what you have in the refrigerator and send them to your phone. This feature is a great help if you ever forget what you need to buy from the grocery.

Is Dacor A High-End Brand?

It is categorized as a high-end brand with 57 years of serving consumers with its luxury quality kitchen appliances. Its unique design materials, innovative technology, and precision performance elevate the art of living and make the whole experience remarkable.

Four Reasons For Dacor To Be A High-End Brand In Kitchen Appliances?

Dacor is one of the finest brands to provide a luxury experience with its innovative design, cutting-edge features, and quality performance. It is over-priced, but the cost covers what Decor delivers.

Here are four reasons why Decor is a premium brand.

1. Confident longevity and reliability 

With its 55 years of serving the industry with luxury home products and kitchen appliances, every creation by Dacor is designed and manufactured for reliability and longevity. They continue to focus on providing authentic, quality materials and craft the products with thoughtful designs to transform the raw materials into a masterpiece. 

2. Cutting-edge features

Dacor is preferable in the home appliances category due to its valuable features and associated benefits. It has a wide range of options. The product you choose depends on the features you will use. Dacor provides comfort in convenience or technology. There are Auto-connected hoods that move at your command with Bluetooth and Connect On responsive technology.

3.  Handcrafted designs

When thinking about getting your hands on a premium appliance brand, Dacor takes the lead in offering the benefits of authentic quality materials. The sleek exterior, stylish features, and elegant designs attract the ones seeking luxury, versatility, and adventurous experience. 

With carefully crafted aesthetics and fine detailing, it turns a residential kitchen into a luxury kitchen.

4. Groundbreaking innovation

For almost 55 years, Dacor has reinvented with many innovations that have changed how we live and cook in the modern kitchen.

Since Dacor is lined up under Samsung, the products have significantly evolved due to its latest technological integration. 

The introduction of the Dacor modernist range is one of the best examples to determine the stunning features it delivers. The new range offers expert innovation, such as innovative ventilation while cooking and Bluetooth connectivity with their cooktops. 

With its continuous dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, Dacor has redesigned the kitchen with an innovative new cooking style, igniting the residential kitchen’s creativity, functionality, and fashion. Its uniquely designed kitchen products reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs, bringing people together to create unforgettable memories.


If you are exploring options in the home appliances category for a high-end brand that offers luxury and modern-style appliances, then Dacor is a brand to consider.

All of their appliances are manufactured in the U.S. and undergo quality testing to ensure they are up to the mark and innovative.

With its numerous products in the catalog, from cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, grills, and ventilation hoods, there is always something for everyone under the Dacor brand.


1. Who Owns Dacor?

Dacor is a subsidiary brand of Samsung. Initially, it was owned and run by Stanley M. Joseph and remained a family-owned brand for up to three generations, but in 2016, it was adopted by Samsung and is now a sub-brand of Samsung in America.

2. Is Dacor A High-End Brand?

Dacor is considered a high-end brand because it offers unique features, seductive designs, longevity and reliability, innovation, and superior technology that transform an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece.

3. Is Dacor Made In The U.S?

Yes, Dacor is a US-based brand that offers a wide range of products in the luxury home category. Many of its products are manufactured and designed in the U.S., making it a top choice in terms of quality and innovative features.

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