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Crosswind tires have become synonymous with performance, reliability, and road dependency. You will see these tires in light trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars, including sedans. You will basically find four types of tires. Plus, it includes all-season, passenger, light truck, and high-performance tires.

Crosswind, initially, came into the market to compete in the cheap tire segment. Yet, they gain popularity because of their actual manufacturer. The crosswind tire manufacturer has been in the market for years. They have built an excellent reputation for reliability, innovation, and technical advancement. But, do you know who makes Crosswind tires?

Linglong Tire is the original manufacturer of Crosswind tires. Linglong is a Chinese tire manufacturer. They have been manufacturing different tires for various automobiles, trucks, and equipment since 1975. However, they introduced the Crosswind to compete in the cheapest tire segment and enjoy a greater share.

Who Makes Crosswind Tires?

Linglong Tire is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of Crosswind tires. These tires have been in the market for decades now. Also, Crosswind tires are famous for two main reasons. These are:

  1. Lowest pricing for the tires
  2. High-quality design and performance

Linglong Tires, originally known as Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd, introduced these tires for lower to middle-class people. They suggested that Crosswind tire would serve the needs of those who buy entry-level passenger cars and want a reliable tire for them.

Their marketing strategy for Crosswind tire became successful as it gained immediate popularity. People in mainland China and Asia loved the tire.

Although Crosswind tire is cheaper, they never fail to deliver your expected performance. It has brilliant construction, high-quality material, and durability. The tire integrated these features incredibly well, as Linglong has never compromised with the tire’s quality.

You will be surprised to know that Linglong Tire is amongst the top 20 tire companies worldwide. Also, they are among the top 5 tire manufacturers and suppliers in China. Linglong Tire has wide tires, flat-run tires, and equipment tires in the industry.

They made the cheaper Crosswind tires so that they can sell tires in both expensive and affordable tire markets. Their introduction of the Crosswind tire helped them gain massive profit. Nowadays, there’re wide varieties of Linglong Tires.

Crosswind MT

MT tires are famous for their grip and reliability in wet and off-road conditions. These tires’ wider and deeper tread pattern makes them ideal for wet conditions. Also, a deeper tread pattern is suitable for all seasons. You can use these tires for muddy and wet roads confidently.

What’s more, Linglong supplies these tires with reasonable pricing.

Crosswind mud

The MT tires were made specifically for wet conditions. Yet, Linglong introduced their Crosswind mud tires for even better performance in muddy and wet conditions. The improved grip, wider tread design, and lugs suit these tough road situations.

Plus, people love the Crosswind mud tires for their quieter operation. Many tires cause noise when you drive the vehicle. But, the mud tire operates quietly. On top of it, like every Crosswind tire, the mud tires are also priced affordably.

Crosswind Eco touring

Linglong, the parent company of Crosswind, is committed to making its rubber production and tire manufacturing eco-friendly. And as part of their commitment to conserving nature and ecology, they introduced their Eco-touring tires.

The main design feature of these tires is the solid-center rib. The tread pattern of the tire is symmetrical. The symmetrical tread brings the following benefits:

  1. Stability in tackling wet roads
  2. Reduces the friction noise
  3. Effectively expels the water underneath the tire

Also, the eco-touring tires are truly versatile. So, you will find its usages in sedans, SUVs, 4-door coupes, minibusses, and compact passenger cars.

What’s more, you can use the tires efficiently for both urban and countryside roads. When you ride the automobile in cities, the stability works brilliantly. On highways, the stability reduces slightly. Yet, it delivers one of the finest performances on the roads.

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Crosswind Tire Types Available In the Market

Who Makes Crosswind Tires

Crosswind is a specific segment of Linglong Tire. They have targeted a particular group of vehicle owners with Crosswind tires. Thus, you won’t find too many variations of these tires like Hankook, Cooper, or Continental.

You will find four types of Crosswind tires in the market. These are:

  1. All-season tires
  2. Passenger car tires
  3. Light truck tires
  4. High-performing tires

All-season tires include MT and mud tires, as we have described already.

Are Crosswind Tires Good And Safe?

Crosswind tires are cheaply available. Thus, many people perceive that Linglong doesn’t maintain the required quality for these tires. But that’s not true.

Linglong sells the Crosswind tire in their North American market. And for this, their tires must meet the safety requirement for vehicle tires in North America. It ensures you get the right tire with proper safety requirements without any compromise.

What’s more, we have talked with many Crosswind tire users. Most of them gave positive feedback. Therefore, we can conclude that these tires are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Crosswind MT tires made?

Linglong manufactures their Crosswind tires mainly in their Chinese and Thai facilities. So, the MT tires are made in China and Thailand. You can look at the production plant at the label to know the exact location of the tire manufacturing.

Are Crosswind tires all season?

Not all Crosswind tires are all-season tires. Their mud and MT tires are mainly for all-season usability with wider and deeper tread patterns.

Are Crosswind tires made in the USA?

Crosswind tires are made both in USA and Canada. They have multiple facilities in North America from where they supply tires across the USA.

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Crosswind tires are famous for their affordability and reliability. Linglong Tire Company has brought it into the market for those who want cheaper tires without any compromise. Currently, Crosswind tires are among the top-selling tires in the Chinese and Asian markets. The tire has also seen steady growth in sales in the North American market.

Their MT, mud, and all-season tires are popular for SUVs, sedans, compact cars, light trucks, and smaller equipment.

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