Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools – A Detailed Guide

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Yes, we are talking about the US-originated Craftsman Power tools here with the build quality, the user-friendliness, and good reputation. Being first manufactured 90+ years it has attracted the attention of professional and DIY users. So, today we will discuss who makes craftsman power tools?

Craftsman tool was first made by Back & Decker; now, other companies like DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and other companies make it under the same franchise.

It is a type of powerful tool for professional users. The original Craftsman Tools are made in the US. We will start our discussion about Craftsman power tools and tell you the facts. Do not lose your hope; you will get the proper guidance before going for one.

Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools

Stanley Black & Decker is the inventor of the Craftsman Power Tool. In 1927, Stanley Black & Decker started to make such tools. These are used by many people in different industries, including construction, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Black & Decker has made a wide range of power tools; the first Craftsman Power Tool was their invention. Later other companies like DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and other manufacturers made similar tools.

Craftsman Power Tool is an American brand company that started its journey in 1927. Stanley initially started it, and then other companies coped with the demand for craftsman tools.

If you ask, where are craftsman power tools made? Then we will tell that the US-made tools are fantastic, but there are Chinese copies too.

Craftsman Power Tools OwnerStanley Black & Decker
Manufacturing Factory inFort Mill, South Carolina
Craftsman founded in1927
Warranty PeriodLifetime

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Why do Professional users go for CraftsmanTools?

Craftsman is a company that offers a wide range of heavy-duty tools for professional users. They offer a variety of power drills, saws, sanders, and more. These are generally used for home projects and DIY tasks. But, they can also be used for professional tasks such as construction work or remodeling jobs.

These tools are built to last and give the user reliable performance in harsh conditions. They are designed with the durability to provide the user with peace of mind when working on their projects.

Presently, Craftsman is a well-known brand in the United States, and they are focused on a wide variety of power tools for professionals. They are known for their heavy-duty performance and high quality.

In general, US manufactured tools are better maintained in terms of performance than the tools from China factories. So, the acceptance is better among professional users for better quality and compliance issues.

Quality Control Issues

who makes craftsman power tools

Craftsman is a company that makes heavy-duty tools for DIYers and professionals. They are up to making the best quality products for people in the profession or working on their hobbies. They are now up to creating tools that last longer, have better battery backup, and are more user-friendly.

Craftsman is known for their excellent make, improved quality, durability, and after-sale service. Craftsman makes a wide range of products from power drills to snow blowers. They also have innovative line tools that are easy to use and offer various features like voice control, motion detection, etc.

Also, quality managers and quality management tools give manufacturers and other businesses a way to track and control all aspects of the manufacturing process, from product design to production, distribution, and more. For their efforts, they are not counted in the worst power tool brands at all.

Is Craftsman in Top tool brands?

Craftsman is a famous tool maker in the market and is among the top 10 brands. It designs and manufactures tools that are functional, affordable, and durable. They have been in manufacturing for around 100 years. They make a wide range of tools required for many different purposes.

Craftsman tools are among the top 10 brands all over the world. End of the day, they are known for their quality and durability. Craftsman also gives customers lifetime warranties on their products to ensure that they will not have to worry about replacing broken or malfunctioning tools after a few months of use.

In response to the query, which makes Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita power tools, we will say that they have respective factories to manufacture tools for them.

Craftsman- Brand Recognition

Craftsman won the award for its innovation of hand tools in 2022. It has been in the market by constantly innovating and creating new products that are a cut above its competition.

At the beginning of the 20th century, artisans began to change how they made things.

They started to use machinery and mass production techniques to make their work more accessible and efficient. This shift in thinking led to a new era of industrialization. And these days, they are getting brand value and recognition too.

We have already discussed how these new technologies change how artisans make things today. It also tells how they make the best innovative products to keep up with this trend.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DeWalt build craftsman?

Yes, Craftsman is a tool brand that DeWalt makes under the same branding. Tools are made under contract with Stanley.

Do DeWalt batteries fit Craftsman?

DeWalt batteries are compatible with Craftsman tools. So, you can keep one spare of the same type.

Are Craftsman tools made in China?

Yes, after 2017, to reduce the production cost, Craftsman started to manufacture tools in China under contract with Stanley Black & Decker.


Craftsman is a brand of reliability that tool users love to use in their daily work. So, it does not matter who builds it, but the Craftsman name is a craze that works on the users in this case. It will be perfect you know about a brand first, have your choice issues and then go for it.

As we have started our discussion on who makes Craftsman power tools? And finally, we have given in detail information about craftsman tools. Now you know the facts about it and can get yours wisely.

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