Who Makes Cooper Tires | In-Depth Info about Brand & Product

Who Makes Cooper Tires

Cooper tires manufacture tires for trucks, passenger cars, pickups, and racing cars. It is a cheaper brand with better performance on the road. Ever thought about who makes cooper tires?

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company manufactures Cooper tires under their subsidiary, the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. A Cooper Tire provides durability, coziness, and, most importantly, safety while driving.

Some of the popular tires from the brand are Cooper Adventurer, Winter, Evolution, and CS5 Ultra. The price of Cooper tires may be low, but the advantages of using them match the world’s famous brands.

The company offers a 45-day trial to ensure its tire’s durability. Like other tire brands, Cooper tires come with some cons. But knowing them properly will help you identify and fix the problem more accurately.

Story Of Cooper Tires

John Schaefer and Claude Hart Founded the M & M manufacturing company in 1914. Later it was named the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. The headquarter of this famous tire brand is in Akron, Ohio.

In 1941, the Cooper trademark was introduced and used for the first time. For better quality and enhanced performance, Cooper tires established its research and development department in 1964. The radial manufacturing device was introduced in 1973.

It had sixty tire manufacturing plants in thirteen countries by the year 2000. Last year, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company bought this century-old tire brand for $2.8 billion. This table will give you some additional information about Cooper tires.

OwnerGoodyear Tire & Rubber Manufacturing Company
HeadquarterAkron, Ohio
Official Websiteus.coopertire.com
FounderJohn Schaefer Claude Hart
Revenue$143 Million ( in 2020)

Why You Should Use Cooper Tires

The 100-year-old tire brand is a big name in the tire market. Price, durability, flexibility, and variation made Cooper Tires a famous brand across the globe. Here are some reasons you should use Cooper tires:


Cooper tires may be cheaper than Goodyear, Yokohama, and Michelin tires, but the durability is surprisingly outstanding. The treadwear mileage is satisfactory and offers a warranty. So, you’ll get a refund if you buy a faulty tire.

Cozy Ride

Your journey will be comfortable, smooth, and quite adventurous with Cooper tires. The treads are specially designed to reduce noise, vibrations on rocky pitches, and any type of discomforts.

Better Fuel Economy

These Tires are designed to offer maximum fuel efficiency. With the lowest rolling resistance, the car doesn’t need to provide much power to roll the tires.

The doubled tread formula increases the forward velocity of the vehicle. You’ll burn less fuel for a long drive.

Ensures Safety

Cooper provides maximum safety with proper traction, grip, and stability in different weather conditions. Shoulder notches and intricate interior designs offer a smooth ride on both wet and dry roads.

Types Of Cooper Tires

Who Makes Cooper Tires

Cooper tires have variations of tires depending on the weather conditions and types of roads. Evolution tour, Discoverer, Evolution Ultra, and Evolution Winter are some of the renowned types of Cooper Tires.

Cooper Evolution Tour

Evolution tires are widely used in passenger cars and Sedans. The unique tread design helps to reduce abrasion, high temperature, and instant shock. Polyester shell and nylon wrap make the midrib stronger for better stability.

Cooper Evolution Winter

Cooper Evolution Winter has a 3PMS rating for outstanding traction and grip. Rivet holes of Cooper tires provide extra traction. Not to mention the tread depth that doesn’t allow any mud inside the tread pattern.

Adventurer H/T

The R-Tech technology makes the Adventurer H/T a unique tire. R-Tech and the silica-rubber composite increase the cornering stability of the tire.

3D Micro-Gauge tracks provide superb traction on wet terrains. Integrated large grooves with the tread offer better grips on different roads.

Cooper Adventurer Tour

Adventurer Tour is the perfect choice for SUVs. Monitoring tread life on an expansive terrain is the ultimate benefit of using this tire. The Stabilledge tech increases the traction and stability of the tire on rocky terrains.

On muddy and slippery roads, the Micro-Gauge Zigzag Sipes offer full strength. Plus, it is possible to monitor the remaining lifespan of the tire using the Wear Square indicator.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Coupled silica makes this tire smooth and quiet. The unique tread design increases the water draining ability and grip simultaneously. It can be used in light snowy weather too.

The Micro-Gauge 3D slots help drive in low friction conditions while making different angles.

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Advantage Of Using Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires provides some remarkable pros depending on the type of tire. Here’s an overview of the benefits of tire variation:

Advantages Of Using Winter Tire

  • Winter tires for SUVs and Passenger cars have high H and T ratings.
  • The Snow groove technology provides an excellent grip on snowy and icy roads.
  • Tread patterns are responsible for a comfortable ride.
  • Noise-reducing structure decreases the sound of hard braking.

Advantages Of Using Adventurer Tour

  • Adventurer tours provide the best resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Wear Square Indicator tells the remaining life of the tire.
  • Ensures a safe and quiet ride.
  • Offers better traction on the snowy surface using the 3D Micro-Gauge technology.

Advantages Of Using CS5 Ultra Touring

  • Four wide round grooves enhance gripping.
  • The treadwear warranty is remarkable.
  • Excellent performance on dry surfaces.
  • It can be used in light icy weather.
  • Offers a joyful ride.

Disadvantages Of Using Cooper Tires

Cons of using Cooper tires aren’t many. Plus, the tire types have the same kind of disadvantages. So, this list should clear up all the disadvantages of using Cooper Tires.

  • Dry braking of a winter tire is average.
  • Rolling resistance is terrible.
  • Tread life for SUV tires is very short.
  • CS5 Ultra has an average wet braking rate.
  • Ice braking is not the best.
  • Limited collection of OE tires.
  • Poor lateral stiffness makes the tire a bit shaky.
  • Swelling of tire sidewalls is responsible for tire puncture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you rely on Cooper Tires?

Of course, you can rely on Cooper tires. Cooper tires can handle high speed. With extraordinary traction on a rocky road, this brand hardly has any complaints about its tires.

Are Cooper Tires available online?

Cooper tires are available online. The Official website of Cooper Tires sells tires depending on the vehicle type. Besides the official website, Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and local online distributors sell Cooper tires.

Are Cooper Tires cheap?

Cooper tires are cheap. For example, each winter tire costs $92 to $125. The price of SUV and light truck tires range from $163 to $192. One Grand Tour will cost you $82 to $154.

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Bottom Line

Cooper tire is a  top brand in the tire industry. Durability, flexibility, and not to mention low price made it a trusted name among the consumers. The price may be low, but the advantages are the same as the top brands in the world. The Cooper Evolution Tour was the game-changer for Cooper Tires.

We hope the analysis about who makes Cooper Tires has given you a clear idea about the tire brand. It is best for any vehicle, especially SUVs and pickups. Don’t forget to do your research before purchasing a pair of tires from this brand.

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