Who Makes Coleman UTV? How Good Are They?

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Curious about who makes Coleman UTV? Wondering about the quality and reliability of their vehicles? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the Coleman UTV brand, its manufacturer, and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Coleman, renowned for its camping products, also has a Powersports division that manufactures UTVs. As a subsidiary of Newell Brands, Coleman Powersports is based in Tempe, Arizona. What sets Coleman apart from other UTV makers is their unique sales model. In addition to Powersports dealerships, they sell their vehicles at “Big Box” retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Sam’s Club, and Tractor Supply. This accessibility makes Coleman UTVs easily available to a wide range of consumers.

One of Coleman’s popular models is the Coleman UT400. This utility UTV comes equipped with a solid metal dump bed, roof, side view mirrors, a two-piece removable windshield, and a winch. Measuring 52″ wide and just over 100″ long, the UT400 is compact compared to other UTVs on the market. However, it compensates with a powerful 392cc, 4-stroke engine with single overhead cams, offering a decent 12″ of ground clearance. What’s even better? The Coleman UT400 comes at a competitive price point, providing excellent value for money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coleman UTVs are manufactured by Coleman Powersports, a subsidiary of Newell Brands.
  • Coleman UTVs are sold at both Powersports dealerships and “Big Box” retailers.
  • The Coleman UT400 is a compact utility UTV with a powerful 392cc engine and 12″ of ground clearance.
  • The price of the Coleman UT400 is competitive, offering great value for its features.
  • Coleman is known for its camping products and applies that expertise to its UTVs.

Coleman UTV – Exterior Features and Design

When it comes to the exterior features and design, the Coleman UT400 UTV stands out with its practicality and functionality. Whether you’re using it for work or play, this UTV is equipped with features that add value to your experience.

One of the standout features of the Coleman UT400 is its solid metal dump bed. This dump bed comes with slide latches and a gas strut, making it easy to lift up for dumping. The bed also has release latches on both sides, allowing for easy access from any angle. Plus, the metal tailgate latch can be locked or left open, giving you control over how you use the bed.

In addition to the dump bed, the Coleman UT400 also comes with a winch rated for 3,500 pounds. This winch is a fantastic addition and provides extra utility when you need it most.

When it comes to protection, the Coleman UT400 has you covered. It features a front brush guard and bumper, providing added peace of mind when navigating rough terrain. The standard-looking headlights not only enhance visibility but also ensure that you’ll be seen by others on the trail.

To safeguard the undercarriage, the UT400 is equipped with a full skid plate on the bottom. This feature protects vital components from rough surfaces and potential damage. The addition of mudguards further enhances the durability of the vehicle.

Convenience is a priority with the Coleman UT400. The UTV comes with a detachable two-piece windshield, roof, and side mirrors. These removable accessories add versatility to the vehicle, allowing you to customize it based on your needs and preferences.

Exterior Features Summary:

Features Description
Solid metal dump bed Equipped with slide latches and gas strut for easy lifting and dumping. Release latches on both sides allow for convenient access.
Winch Comes with a 3,500-pound rated winch, providing added utility.
Front brush guard and bumper Offers protection while navigating rough terrain.
Standard-looking headlights Enhance visibility and ensure visibility to others.
Full skid plate and mudguards Protect vital components and enhance durability.
Detachable two-piece windshield, roof, and side mirrors Add convenience and customization options based on individual preferences.

Coleman UTV – Engine and Transmission

The heart and power behind the Coleman UT400 is its robust engine and reliable transmission. Powered by a 392cc, 4-stroke engine with single overhead cams, this UTV delivers an impressive 28 horsepower, making it capable of handling medium-duty work in various environments.

The engine is manufactured by HISUN Motors, a well-known and respected Chinese brand in the powersports industry. With their expertise, you can trust in the quality and performance of the Coleman UTV engine.

In addition to its power, the Coleman UT400 features an electronically fuel-injected system. This technology ensures improved fuel efficiency and reliability, allowing you to drive further and with confidence.

When it comes to tackling different terrains and tasks, the Coleman UT400 offers a basic CVT transmission. It is equipped with a single forward gear and reverse, providing straightforward and effortless maneuverability.

This UTV also features a convenient push-button four-wheel drive system with limited slip and complete differential lock modes. This allows you to easily switch between different driving modes and confidently navigate challenging terrains.

Technical Specifications: Coleman UTV – Engine and Transmission

Engine Transmission
392cc, 4-stroke engine with single overhead cams CVT with single forward gear and reverse
Manufactured by HISUN Motors Push-button four-wheel drive with limited slip and complete differential lock modes
28 horsepower
Electronically fuel-injected

Coleman UTV – Suspension and Handling

The Coleman UT400 comes with a double wishbone suspension and 5-position adjustable shocks at all four corners. This advanced suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and uneven terrain. Whether you’re navigating through rough trails or tackling off-road challenges, the Coleman UTV suspension will keep you in control.

One of the standout features of the Coleman UT400 is its impressive ground clearance. With a generous 12 inches of ground clearance, this UTV can handle obstacles with ease, providing ample space between the vehicle and the ground. This clearance is higher compared to many other UTVs in its category, giving you the confidence to conquer challenging terrains.

The Coleman UT400’s compact size of 52 inches wide contributes to its excellent handling capabilities. Maneuvering this UTV is a breeze, even without power steering. It offers great agility on the trail, allowing you to navigate tight spots and make quick turns with confidence. Whether you’re on a job site or exploring the outdoors, the Coleman UT400’s handling will impress you.

Coleman UT400 Suspension and Handling Specifications

Suspension Ground Clearance Size Handling
Double wishbone 12 inches 52 inches wide Agile and responsive

Image: Coleman UT400 handling in action

Coleman UT400 handling

Coleman UTV – Interior Features and Ergonomics

The interior of the Coleman UT400 is designed to provide a practical and comfortable driving experience. Whether you’re using it for work or recreation, the cockpit of the UT400 offers convenience and functionality.

The Coleman UT400 can comfortably accommodate two adults with its spacious cockpit. The seating is in the form of a bench seat, allowing for easy access and a comfortable ride. The adjustable tilt-up steering wheel features rubber grips, ensuring a secure and ergonomic grip for the driver.

The instrument cluster of the UT400 is straightforward and easy to read. It includes essential features such as a horn, turn signals, headlights, brake lights, and a power outlet. These features enhance safety and convenience during your rides.

The dashboard of the UT400 provides all the vital information you need while driving. It features a central display area that includes a fuel gauge, clock, mileage tracker, speedometer, tachometer, and gear lights. These indicators help you stay aware of your vehicle’s performance and metrics.

The Coleman UT400 also includes a parking brake and release lever, making it easy to secure the vehicle when needed. This feature adds an extra layer of safety and convenience for the driver.

While the interior of the Coleman UT400 is not flashy or luxurious, it prioritizes functionality and comfort. The practical design and essential features ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for both driver and passenger.

Interior Features Ergonomics
– Spacious cockpit – Adjustable tilt-up steering wheel with rubber grips
– Straightforward instrument cluster – Bench seating for two adults
– Horn, turn signals, headlights, brake lights – Central display area with essential indicators
– Power outlet – Parking brake and release lever

Coleman UTV – Performance and User Feedback

The Coleman UT400 is a mid-performance UTV that offers a reliable and affordable solution for both work and recreational activities. Powered by a dependable 393cc engine, it delivers sufficient power to tackle various tasks, including climbing steep inclines and navigating challenging terrains. While it may not have the same level of refinement or high-speed capabilities as some competitors, the UT400 focuses on practicality and reliability.

Coleman UTV Performance

User Reviews and Feedback

Owners of the Coleman UT400 have expressed satisfaction with its performance, reliability, and value for money. The UTV has garnered positive user feedback, and many appreciate the inclusion of accessories usually missing from more expensive UTVs, such as the roof, windshield, mirrors, and winch. This attention to detail enhances the overall ownership experience and provides added convenience for work and recreational use.

Performance Highlights

Here are some key performance features of the Coleman UT400:

Feature Description
Engine A reliable 393cc engine powers the UT400, providing sufficient power for various tasks.
Capability The UT400 can handle medium-duty work and recreational activities with ease, offering versatile performance.
Terrain Navigation The UTV’s robust construction and agile handling enable it to navigate various terrains, delivering confidence and control.
Value for Money The affordable price point of the UT400, coupled with its performance capabilities, makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

Overall, while the Coleman UT400 may not be the most advanced or high-speed UTV in the market, it offers a practical and reliable solution for those seeking a versatile utility vehicle. With its dependable performance, positive user feedback, and value-packed features, the UT400 is worth considering for both work and recreational use.


The Coleman UT400 UTV, manufactured by Coleman Powersports, is a reliable and affordable option for individuals in need of a utility vehicle. With its practical features, solid build quality, and decent performance, the UT400 has become a popular choice among budget-conscious buyers. While it may not offer all the fancy features found in higher-end UTVs, it provides everything necessary for medium-duty work and recreational activities.

The partnership between Coleman Powersports and HISUN Motors, a renowned Chinese brand, ensures that the UT400 is backed by a reputable manufacturer. This partnership also guarantees the availability of necessary support and warranties for the vehicle. Users appreciate the value for money the UT400 offers, with included accessories like the roof, windshield, mirrors, and winch commonly absent from pricier UTVs.

Although the Coleman UT400 may lack the refinement and high-speed capabilities of some competitors, it remains a practical and reliable solution at an affordable price point. Whether you need a workhorse for your daily tasks or a vehicle for recreational adventures, the Coleman UT400 UTV is worth considering.


Who makes Coleman UTV?

Coleman UTVs are manufactured by Coleman Powersports, a subsidiary of Newell Brands.

What are the features of the Coleman UT400?

The Coleman UT400 comes with features such as a solid metal dump bed, roof, side view mirrors, a two-piece removable windshield, and a winch.

Where can I purchase a Coleman UTV?

Coleman UTVs are available for purchase at Powersports dealerships and “Big Box” retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Sam’s Club, and Tractor Supply.

What is the engine capacity of the Coleman UT400?

The Coleman UT400 is powered by a 392cc, 4-stroke engine with single overhead cams.

Is the Coleman UT400 suitable for heavy-duty work?

The Coleman UT400 is not designed for heavy-duty work but can handle medium-duty tasks comfortably.

What is the ground clearance of the Coleman UT400?

The Coleman UT400 offers 12″ of ground clearance, which is more than many other UTVs in its category.

How many passengers can the Coleman UT400 accommodate?

The Coleman UT400 can comfortably accommodate two adults.

Can the Coleman UT400 handle recreational activities?

Yes, the Coleman UT400 is capable of handling recreational activities in addition to medium-duty work.

What is the price range of the Coleman UT400?

The Coleman UT400 is competitively priced and offers good value for the features it provides.

Are there any user reviews for the Coleman UT400?

Yes, the Coleman UT400 has received positive user feedback for its performance, reliability, and value for money.