Who is Randy from Savage Garage – He Passed Away in an Accident

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Savage Garage is a popular YouTube channel among sportscar enthusiasts. Now, the most common question about the channel is – who is Randy from the savage garage? What does he do for a living?

Randy Tillim from Savage Garage is a YouTuber, supercar owner, and entrepreneur. He is also a well-known businessperson famous for his collection of exotic cars and luxurious vehicles.

Many YouTube channels are promoting or showing exotic car collections. Savage Garage is one of those. This YouTube channel portrays the exotic supercars of Randy.

Who is Randy from Savage Garage

The Savage Garage team exclusively showcases some of Randy’s private off-road car collections. Their team consists of two members: Randy Tillim, the owner of the cars, and Jim Best (Jimbo), the YouTuber.

Randy was very passionate about cars from his early childhood. He learned driving from his father at the age of nine. The young car enthusiast decided to create Savage Garage, partnering with his fellow friends. He aimed to share their adventures and own some of the luxurious vehicles that they showcase.

In the wild span of time since then, Randy has been quite successful with his venture – the Savage Garage YouTube Channel. It’s a bolstering success now.

But in his personal life, Randy still remains entirely out of the spotlight. Not much about his life and whereabouts are known.

Randy Savage Tillim Died in 15th April 2022 (Death Cause)

Who is Randy from Savage Garage

It’s sad to announce that Randy Slim died on April 15, 2022. His family, fans, and coworkers are saddened by his untimely death. It really came as a shock to us that Randy died. Thus, people are going crazy about the death cause of Randy Slim.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear news from his family about the cause of the death. As the “Savage Garage Instagram” handler posted, they announced the death of Randy Slim on Friday, April 15, 2022. However, they haven’t published the reason for his death.

Nonetheless, we investigated deep into the death matter and found that a few sources claimed a car accident to be the cause of Randy’s death. Many think that the car accident was due to Randy’s attempt to commit suicide, so Randy died due to suicide.

randy savage garage died
Source: Savage Garage Instagram

However, we have yet to get any confirmation on the actual cause of Savage Garage’s founder’s death from law and enforcement authorities and his family. We will update the information as soon as we get the confirmed reason.

Also, the obituary for Randy Slim has started to float on Twitter, Instagram, and different platforms. Being a gentle person with great business success, Randy was amazingly popular. Thus, his death has saddened thousands of people and is a great loss to automobile lovers.

What Randy Did for a Living?

Randy is the proud founder and CEO of Claus Merchant Services. This Gaithersburg Maryland-based company provides merchant service and processing of various customers. Their overall turnover is approximately more than 8 billion dollars per year.

He is also the co-founder of a California-based company called SVC Offroad. The company takes an idea about a car and designs it in the most innovative way possible!

Raptors, F-50, Rangers, Super Duty, 2021 Ford Bronco – all services are available in SVC Offroad. Randy himself is a big fan of off-roading as well.

Finally, he has the Savage Garage YouTube Channel representing his car collection. This includes the entire lineup – all the way from 32 Hudson Racecar to Lamborghini SVJ!

All in all, Randy is a keen & intelligent businessperson with a sharp sense and idea about marketing opportunities. But he’s quite a media-phobic person, and his personal life still remains quite a mystery to fans of Savage Garage.

How Much Did Randy Earn from Savage Garage?

The YouTube channel Savage Garage started its journey in 2019. Currently, the channel has 614K subscribers. It mainly showcases exotic and luxurious automobiles and vehicles.

It is entirely unknown how much Savage garage earns, or Randy earns from the YouTube channel. But fans have gone above and beyond and made some semi-accurate assumptions about his earnings.

Enthusiasts of the channel estimated that Savage garage has a net worth of 824.5 thousand US dollars or more than that. Though the amount is not verified, it is forecast by Net Spot Worth’s estimation.

Considering the influencer’s separate revenue source, some estimations conclude that Savage Garages’ net worth may be approximately 1.2 million US dollars!

According to the lowest estimation, Savage Garage earns 206.1 thousand US dollars per month just from the views. This excludes all forms of sponsorship and revenue from advertisements.

However, Savage garage is not the only income source for Randy. As the CEO and founder of Claus Merchant Services and as a co-owner of SVC Offroad, his net worth is even higher than that.

Claus Merchant service processes more than 8 billion dollars per year and praises itself for being the highest retention company in the industry. On the other hand, SVC Offroad innovates and sells off-road vehicles. This business is also established.

What Will Happen to Savage Garage and Claus Merchant Services?

We all know that Randy has earned a great fortune worth $8 billion from his business as the CEO of Claus Merchant Services. His YouTube channel “Savage Garage” has 525K subscribers. Thus, people are worried about the future of the amazing YouTube automotive channel. People are also concerned about the future of his business.

Since we are still to receive any information on these questions, we cannot provide you with any answers. We will update this portion of the article as soon as his family officially declares their decision about his YouTube channel and business.