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One of the most well-known star interviewers in the world is Nardwuar, nicknamed Human Serviette. His method of questioning famous people is unmatched, and the queries he asks to give the subjects shivers. He is also well-known for playing the piano and singing with the band The Evaporators. Nardwuar gained notoriety for his contentious method of questioning famous people. His speaking approach is direct but odd and perplexing. While still in school, Nardwuar finished his first interview with Poisoned in 1985. He posted the video to YouTube and explained the background, writing: “I gave my first appearance 30 years ago today, on September 26, 1985! He has interviewed many public figures, including Tyler the Creator, Jack White, and others.


John Ruskin is the actual name of Nardwuar.  He is 54 years old.  On July 5, 1968, he was born in Vancouver, Canada. His family gave him the name John Ruskin at birth. His mother is Olga Ruskin, and his father is Vernon Ruskin. His mother was a local writer, and his father was an engineer. He stands at 5 feet, 8 inches. He works as an interviewer and musician.


He went to West Vancouver’s Hillside Secondary School for his secondary education. He served on the student council during his time in secondary school. He started hiring bands for school functions through the student council and did his first interview with Poisoned’s Art Bergmann during that time. His mother took him to historical club gatherings so he could learn about the past of the area. Nardwuar was a long-distance runner and the winner of a public speaking contest in primary school. After secondary school, he studied at The University of British Columbia and earned a Bachelor of Arts in history there in 1990.


Since Nardwuar is a well-known media figure, his followers are curious about every aspect of his life, including the names of his wife and kids. The Human Serviette has kept many things private about his personal life. He has been secretive about disclosing information regarding his relationships, partner, and kids.


At Vancouver’s CITR 101.9 FM radio station run by the University of British Columbia, Nardwuar started his career in the media. Since October 1987, his program has aired every Friday afternoon. The show includes talks, comments, and a variety of electric music. Nardwuar’s conversations have frequently appeared on the Chart or broadcast on MuchMusic’s Heading Coastal. Although musicians are Nardwuar’s preferred subjects, he has said he speaks with any famous person. Additionally, he occasionally serves as a special presenter and reporter on CBC Radio 3, and from 2009 to 2013, he hosted a weekly show on the freeform radio station WFMU. He began speaking with famous people, and his interviewing manner caught the interest of the media.

Typically, a Nardwuar conversation will start with “Who are you?” and then “From.” Keep on grooving’ in the free world, and the “doot doola doot doo…” from “Shave and a Haircut” signal the end of the conversation. He anticipates the interviewer’s response to be “doot doo!” After that, Nardwuar kept on smiling happily until the video switched off.

He understands how to be in character and maintain decorum in a friendly or hostile encounter. The conversations frequently appear on Heading Coastal by MuchMusic. They are also highlighted on the YouTube page and in Billboard Magazine. Although he can speak with famous people, musicians are his preferred subjects. In addition, Nardwuar is a guerilla writer who frequently disguises himself and breaks into press conferences to ask strange questions to politicians and non-musical personalities.

Nardwuar-The Musician

Nardwuar is a well-known vocalist in addition to conducting conversations. He plays keyboards and sings solo for the Canadian punk rock group The Evaporators. He has put out several records and songs with The Evaporators.

Nardwuar-The Interviewer

Nardwuar conducts an in-depth background study on the subject. He has faced vocal abuse, physical threats, and intimidation because of his ridiculous and eccentric tone with individuals, singers, artists, and lawmakers.

Nardwuar-The Journalist

In addition, Nardwuar has a reputation for being a “guerrilla journalist,” frequently interrupting press briefings while posing as a traditional reporter to ask absurd or perplexing questions of politicians or other non-musical personalities. His political opponents outside of Canada have included former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, former American president Gerald Ford, and former American vice president Dan Quayle. Nardwuar also targeted the actor Crispin Glover and spiritual healer Ernest Angley, who asked the latter if there is a treatment for “Angley retorted furiously, “Oh I wish you would shut up, brother. You are not even amusing, you know. You’re fortunate that God didn’t kill you.”

Personal Life

Nardwuar’s planned surprise interview with Courtney Love was stopped on July 10, 1999, when he experienced convulsions and momentary immobility because of a cerebral haemorrhage, but he soon recovered.

Nardwuar experienced a stroke on December 6, 2015, and was discharged six days later from the hospital. Nardwuar received surgical treatment for an open foramen ovale, a break between two heart chambers, on January 25, 2016, as this was the most probable reason for his stroke.


1. What Is The Net Worth Of Nardwuar?

The Human Serviette has had a successful career as a musician and interviewer for many years. So he currently possesses a handsome amount.  His approximate net wealth is $15 million. His source of income is his work in the media. He has, however, also accumulated significant money from his musical success with The Evaporators. His participation in reality television has also increased his wealth. The Nardwuar Serviette YouTube account, which has more than 1.9 million followers, has increased the output for Nardwuar. The skilled reporter has a promising future, and his wealth will increase if he pursues his goals.

2. Why is Nardwuar called The Human Serviette? How Did He Get The Name “Human Serviette”?

The company used “Nardwuar” in terms of “old folks” to describe them. Nardwuar explained that it was an inside comedy to Glacier Media in 2017. Then, in 1987, Ruskin was given a radio program on CiTR, the student-run broadcaster at the University of British Columbia. He says the term “Human” comes from one of his favourite songs, “Human Fly. However, after reflecting on the reality that serviettes aren’t used in the US because they are termed napkins, he came up with the term “serviette.” Because of this, he calls himself Nardwuar, the Human Serviette.

3. What’s The Story Behind The Name “Nardwuar”?

In 1986, he chose the nickname Nardwuar, which he maintains has no significant meaning. He referred to Nardwuar as “a foolish, stupid word, just like Sting!” in a 1995 interview with the CBC. He has claimed in other conversations that he came up with the funny-sounding term Nardwuar one day while making strange noises to himself.

4. How Does Nardwuar Get So Much Information?

He learns more by conducting in-depth basic research on his topic and talking to coworkers or friends. Nardwuar conducts in-depth studies on both musicians and individuals.

If you have seen one of his conversations, you probably want to know how he learns everything there is to know about the subjects. You’ll be shocked to learn that before asking the interviewee difficult questions, he does a lot of background study on them.