Who is Marcus on This is Us? Why His Character is Significant

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This Is Us is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It’s a great example of real parenthood, making it relatable to several viewers. It shows what it’s like to be a parent, sibling, and child in the real world. The plot is excellent, and so are the dialogues between the characters. The American family drama television hit the screens on September 20, 2016, and ended on May 24, 2022. It features a rich cast, one of them being ‘Marcus.’ It’s played by two actors, Jonigan Booth, who plays the younger version of Marcus, and Luke Forbes, who plays the eldest version. This article will focus on Luke Forbes, who played Dr. Marcus Brooks. Let’s find out why his character on the show is important. Let’s get started.

Who Is Marcus On This Is Us?

You must have noticed a young boy climbing around the family car just before they got into a horrible road accident. Well, that’s Marcus. He is later brought back into the show as a scientist walking around with a cane. Marcus suffered a broken leg during the car accident that we just mentioned, leaving him partly handicapped. In the same episode, we see Deji Pearson pregnant with the possibility of Marcus Brooks being the father of her son, which turns out to be a plot to draw people’s attention away from the upcoming twist.

We later see that Marcus and his family were in the hospital the night the Pearson family had a house fire. Marcus’ father met Jack Pearson downstairs as Marcus was waiting for his leg surgery just before Jack suffered a deadly heart attack. What does that mean? Jack dies because the trauma surgeon couldn’t operate on him shortly after his heart attack. After all, he was attending to Marcus and his broken leg. Jack collapsed and died in the waiting room.

To make up for the sad revelation, the adult Marcus, now a scientist, creates an Alzheimer’s battling drug to prevent other families from experiencing what the Pearsons went through after Rebecca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Marcus’ character is important since had the doctor let him die the night Jack Pearson died, he wouldn’t have grown up to find the cure for Alzheimer’s. He also helped establish a connection between the Brooks and the Pearsons. Although his character was short-lived, he managed to win the hearts of several viewers who were devastated when Jack Pearson died.

The show creator, Dan Fogelman, revealed that he had always planned to introduce another family with parallel lives to the Pearsons, explaining why Marcus had to be brought back to the series. This is why he connects the actor to Jack Pearson and highlights his scientific research.

The Significance Of Season 6, Episode 17 Of This Is Us

To understand how Marcus and Rebecca are connected, we must recap Season 6, episode 17 of the show. The episode dubbed ‘The train’ aired on May 17, 2022. It focuses on Rebecca’s dying moments when she is seen dreaming of her final moments on a train. Her family is gathered around her unconscious body. In her final moments, Rebecca reunites with a few key characters.

The episode has scenes of a new family, the Brooks ( Marcus’ family), who got into a gruesome accident at the show’s start. Other scenes show their youngest son, Marcus, who suffered a broken leg the night Jack died. We hope you finally understand why Marcus finds the cure for Alzheimer’s to prevent any family from undergoing the effects of Rebecca’s fate. The two characters are interconnected. Rebecca reunites with the love of her life, Jack, at the end of the season, just as she passes away.

Meet The Young Marcus: Who Is Jonigan Booth?

Jonigan Booth is the young Marcus seen climbing around his parents’ car. He has acted in This is Us and The Underdoggs, Snoop Dogg’s sports comedy show. He is currently 12 years and describes himself as an actor, scholar, and athlete. Playing the young Marcus on This is Us was his first time on set, which was impressive. He is definitely destined for greatness.

Meet The Older Marcus: Who Is Luke Forbes?

Luke Forbes is an actor who, unlike Jonigan Booth, has been in several movies. Even though we can’t find detailed information about him online, we have a list of movies in which he was part of the cast. The most recent are Simchas and Sorrows and Dog, where he appeared as Everett and Jones, respectively. He was also in the 2020 movie Unforgettable, Josiah (2019 as Brandon), Crown Heights (2017 as Anthony Gibson), The Blacklist Redemption (2017 as Pete), Gotham (2014 as John Hargrove), Chicago P.D (2014 as Frank Miller), Clutter (2013 as Sandra’s date and What Maisie Knew (2013 as the musician on the bus)


This is Us is a show worth rewatching. It has several twists thanks to its excellent plot that promises to leave viewers entertained. We hope that you now understand Marcus’ importance on the show. Keep reading our blog for more of such breakdowns.


1. Who Plays Marcus Brooks on This is Us?

Marcus Brooks, the character, was played by two actors. Jonigan Booth, a 12-year-old actor, athlete, and scholar student, played the younger version. He is seen climbing around in the family’s car just before the road accident and is chosen by the trauma doctor over Jack Pearson, who dies of a heart attack while in the waiting room. It was Jonigan’s Booth debut on TV, which was impressive because he embodied the role. The older Marcus Brooks, the scientist walking around with a cane, was played by Luke Forbes, known for movies such as Dog, Atlanta, and Crown Heights.

2. Did Marcus Find the Cure For Cancer?

Despite spending several years researching the cure for cancer, Marcus Brooks (the scientist) fails to find one. He, however, finds a better cure for Alzheimer’s to ensure that everyone suffering from the disease lives a happier and more fulfilling life. He ensures that victims do not suffer the same fate as Rebecca and that families do not go through what the Pearsons experienced with Rebecca.

3. Who is the Father of Deja’s Baby?

This is Us is potentially one of the best-written American family drama television shows. Marcus Brooks was introduced in the last season in a manner that made fans feel that he was the father of Deja’s baby, which turned out to be a plot to throw viewers off. Even though Deja texts the baby’s father to tell him about the news, he (the father) isn’t revealed until the very last minute. It turned out to be Malik, who is now grown and successful. At the end of the last episode, he confesses that he’s loved Deja since she was 16 and would love the baby with her. This is one of the many plot twists in the movie.

4. Is Deja Biologically Related to Pearson’s? If Not, How Did She End Up With Them?

Even though Deja is a Pearson, she is not related to them. She was born Deja Andrews, the biological daughter of Shauna Andrews. However, the Pearsons, Randall and Beth, make her Tess and Annie Pearson’s sister.

5. Why Was Deja’s Mum Jailed?

Deja’s mum was jailed after being found possessing a gun, which turned out to be her boyfriend’s. The young Deja was then taken to stay with the Pearsons, i.e., Randall and Beth.