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There are not many onscreen relationships that can make me cry. However, the beautiful friendship between Evie and Michaela in Manifest did bring tears to my eyes quite a few times.

When the new season of Manifest aired, fans were buzzing with excitement. And the most asked question was who is Evie in Manifest? If you want to know the answer to that question, stay with this article and keep reading.

What is Manifest About

Manifest is a supernatural drama that begins when the Montego Air Flight 828 suffers from heavy turbulence while flying from Jamaica to the city of New York.

All of the 191 passengers and crew of the plane come to know that they were inside the flight and in the air for five and a half years. And all this time they were assumed dead by everyone.

As they return to their homes, they realize that their lives are not the same anymore. They begin to hear voices and see glimpses of the future which they refer to as ‘callings.’

Who is Evie in Manifest

In the series, Evie is Michaela’s and Lourdes’ best friend, and the three of them are together known as ‘the three amigas’.

One night Evie and Michaela go out to a party where they become drunk. After that, both of them have a disagreement because Evie wants to take the car home while Michaela argues that calling an Uber will be better.

However, in the end, Michaela decides to drop her home Tragically, they get into a car accident and Evie passes away.

This incident in Episode 3 has left fans quite shocked but there haven’t been any more scenes about Evie’s death in any of the episodes.

The only thing that we see is that after the accident, Michaela cannot drive anymore for a long time. She also shared that Evie was a dear friend and someone who she could ‘talk to’.

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Evie’s Backstory in Manifest

When Manifest premiered in 2018, it immediately grabbed the attention of supernatural drama fans all around the world. And during the early episodes, viewers were left curious when the character of Evie was introduced into the show.

The scene starts off when Jarod and Lourdes carry Michaela’s old boxes and some pictures of ‘the three amigas’ fall off from one of the cartons. Upon seeing the picture, they laugh about ‘Evie’.

One of the episodes shows that Evie was bullied by a boy called Bobby Tufford in sixth grade because she came to school wearing heels. Instead of complaining about him to her teacher, Evie waits for him after school and beats him up.

The Aftermath of Evie’s Death

After Evie passes away, her parents Glen and Beverly blame Michaela for their daughter’s death. This deeply hurts Michaela and she begins to blame herself as well.

During Michaela’s disappearance, Evie’s mother develops dementia and she cannot remember that her daughter is dead. Eventually, Glen confesses that he lies about Evie’s whereabouts so that Beverly will not suffer by mourning her daughter’s death.

In later episodes, Michaela tries to contact Evie’s parents but she finds out that Beverly has Alzheimer. In one scene, Michaela cannot help Beverly when she is leaving for the living facility because she becomes overwhelmed with emotions.

In the end, Michaela and Zeke decide that they want to look after Beverly instead of sending her away to the facility.

Is Evie Connected to Jared?

In one episode we see Michaela telling Lourdes that Evie’s death was connected with her fiance, Jared and that she will return the ring.

This is actually all a lie said by Michaela to make Lourdes feel better about marrying Jared. In a flashback, we see Michaela try texting Jared that she would marry him but the text never went through.

So fans have been wondering how Evie is connected to Jared. Did anything happen between them? There is only one way to find out and for that, you have to watch the series itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to questions that you might have about who is Evie in Manifest.

Who plays Evie in Manifest?

The beautiful Simone Elizabeth Bart plays Evie in Manifest.

Is Manifest based on a true story?

No, Manifest is not based on a true story but it is inspired by the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that got lost.

How many seasons are there in Manifest?

Manifest is returning for a fourth season.

Who is Cal?

Evie’s heart was donated to a small boy called Cal.