Who is Eve Barlow? Controversy, Interesting Facts

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You may have heard of Eve Barlow if you closely followed the recent defamation suit against actress Amber Heard by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. She came out as a strong supporter of Amber Heard, who she was allegedly spotted spending time with on several occasions. However, who is she, and what was she doing before Depp Vs. Heard suit? Let’s find out.

Who Is Eve Barlow?

Describing herself as a proud ‘Zionist,’ Eve Barlow is a 36-year-old British music journalist, writer, and broadcaster who was raised in Glasgow before moving to Los Angeles at 28. She rose to fame in 2022, following the Depp vs. Heard fiasco, by openly taking Amber’s side before and after her guilty verdict. She has contributed to several publications, including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, GQ, and Billboard.

From most of her online interviews, Eve Barlow is the daughter of George Barlow, a member of the order of the British Empire with the National Health Service. She credits her father for her interest in music, saying she was raised listening to Elvis Presley. After graduating from Calderwood Lodge Primary, Scotland, she moved to England to pursue law but later learned that her interest lay in literature, philosophy, modern studies, and politics.

Eve Barlow’s Career

At a young age, Eve Barlow was interested in music and later started writing for NME magazine, a publication focused on music news and album reviews in the mid-2000s. She carved her niche in indie and alternative music before diversifying into pop, electronic, and hip-hop genres. It’s worth noting that her music reviews have garnered attention among music lovers.

Besides music journalism, Eve is also interested in art and design. Her background in art and design is depicted in her writing through her compelling narratives and visual descriptions of the music industry.

Eve Barlow’s Works

If you have come across any of Barlow’s works, you know that one of her focus areas is the intersection of music and politics. Over the years, she has covered topics such as the role of music in social and political movements, especially following the rise of Black Lives Matter. She believes music can ensure change, unite people, and challenge societal norms. Her work is relevant, especially at a time when a significant part of the population is concerned about racial justice and equality.

Barlow has also worked on the Nakedly Examined Music podcast, interviewing songwriters and musicians to discover their inspirations and creative processes. Her experience as a music journalist and broadcaster has always been brought to light by the quality of her interviews, even though some may not have been well-perceived by fans.

Barlow is also a public speaker. She has appeared at numerous events and conferences, sharing her mind on various topics, including music journalism, the role of social media in the music industry, and how music impacts culture and society. She can connect with several audiences, evident by her past appearances.

Eve Barlow’s Social Media Life

Barlow is a social media commentator, perhaps one reason she is more popular. Her Twitter bio reads ‘The interrupter. Journalist. Zionist. Feminist. Scottish. ‘ She dominated social media conversations during the trial of Amber Heard, openly siding with her and saying that the trial allowed the plaintiff to further his abuse. She is also active on other platforms, such as Instagram, where she boldly speaks on several topics. She uses her platform to advocate for the Jewish and LGBTQ communities and cover topics such as feminism and diversity.

Eve Barlow’s Controversies

Barlow isn’t new to controversies. Her first controversy was an interview she conducted with rapper Azealia Banks in 2015. She was accused of giving Azealia, who made several offensive comments in the interview and even used a homophobic slur, a platform after publishing the interview unedited. She defended her decision, telling readers that it was important to post the full video to understand Bank’s full context.

The incident wasn’t the last of her controversies. In 2020, she was accused of being inappropriate during her interview with rapper Lil Nas X. She asked the rapper about her sexuality and decision to come out as gay, which according to some people, sounded intrusive and insensitive. Others even accused her of furthering the stigma and discrimination against the members of the LGBTQ+ community. Unlike the first controversy, she did not defend herself this time but apologized, stating that she didn’t intend to be offensive and would treat the interview as a learning experience.

Barlow’s latest controversy was during the Amber Heard trial, where the judge barred her from the court. Amber is a huge Heard supporter who proudly spoke about her relationship with the actress. According to local American media, she was among the few people occupying the front row with Amber’s legal team in the courtroom. They were inseparable during the trial weeks, according to different sources.

However, Judge Azcarate caught her tweeting live during the court proceedings and barred her from the proceedings as  it was against the court order. She was not allowed back into the courtroom.

Interesting Facts About Eve Barlow

●     She grew up in a small Jewish community in Glasgow before moving to Los Angeles, California, at 28

●     She has written for several major publications, including the New York Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and Pitchfork

●     She has interviewed several celebrities, including Liam Gallagher, Billie Eilish, Sinead O’Connor, and Iggy Azaelia

●     She studied law at Manchester University before moving to London to Study Human Rights Law

●     She was a deputy editor at NME

●     She advocates for Jewish Identity, Zionism, and Feminism

●     She was thrown out of court during the Amber Heard trial.


Despite her controversies, Eve Barlow is a prolific writer who has been featured in several publications. She is outspoken about feminism and Zionism and uses her social media platforms to advocate for several causes. Some of her awards include the Writer of the Year Award at the 2017 Music Week Awards. Keep reading our articles to learn more about some people you may have encountered recently.


1. What Did Eve Barlow Study In School?

Eve Barlow joined the University of Manchester at 17 years to study law. She, however, learned that her true passion lay in philosophy, literature, politics, and modern studies. She still earned her Master in Human Rights Law in London, and despite having both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in law, she chose music journalism, which she has thrived at.

2. When Did Eve Barlow Receive A Significant Amount Of Fame?

Even though Eve Barlow formerly worked for New Musical Experience and contributed to several international publications, she became more famous following the defamation suit against Amber Heard. She took to her Twitter platform to defend the actress and was barred from attending the Depp vs. Heard court trials when the judge spotted her live texting.

3. What Are Some Of The Publications That Eve Barlow Has Contributed To?

Eve has contributed to several publications, including LA Times, The Guardian, Billboard, and the New York Magazine. She never shies away from expressing her views, giving her pieces an authentic touch.

4. Is Eve An Activist?

Yes. One might say that Eve is an activist going on her social media activity. She has always been vocal about her support for feminism and fight against anti-Zionism and antisemitism, both in the British music and political scene and in general.

5. Has Eve Barlow Ever Received Any Awards?

Eve Barlow has been recognized for her vocalness regarding certain issues and her contribution to musical journalism. She was named The Algememer’s Top 100 People in 2020 and 2021 for positively influencing Jewish life and also won the writer of the Year Award at the 2017 Music Week Awards.