Who is Dustin Tyler? Age, Controversy, Relationship

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Dustin Tyler is a famous TikTok star, known on the platform the handle onfgitsdustintyler. He is one of the few TikTok celebrities with millions of followers, a fan base he has steadily acquired. What do you know about him outside TikTok?Do you know about his early life and that he’s not Keanu Reeves’s son, as he claims? Let’s find out more about this TikTok star.

Who Is Dustin Tyler? (Early Life, Childhood)

Dustin Tyler is a United States TikTok star born on October 13, 1985, to a middle-class family in Mankato, Minnesota. He was raised by one of his birth parents and a stepfather, not Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, as he claims. After marrying his stepfather at a young age, Dustin’s mum moved to Oregon, where the TikTok star grew up. In recent interviews, he acknowledged that even though his family tried giving him a normal life, he was friends with the wrong groups and therefore had a different personality. He grew up a defiant child who would occasionally skip school and hang out with the wrong crowds day in and day out. He even mentioned that most of his childhood friends have been in and out of jail, with some even dying of drug overdose, revelations that are definitely painful.

However, during his second year of high school, Dustin found an awakening and decided to make a turnaround. He registered for evening classes and eventually passed his General Education Development Test, known as GED.

Dustyn Tyler’s Career

Dustin Tyler started working immediately after high school. With his GED, he held various jobs, including as an attendant at Spencer’s gift shop. He later attended Phagans Grants Pass College of Beauty and became a barber at Great Clips, a job he did for some time. It’s also evident that Tyler loves tattoos going by the unique one on his arms. Well, he is a tattoo artist, which can be partly attributed to his huge Instagram success.

Dustin also once joked that he had a Television career in one of his Instagram videos, which caused quite a stir. He claimed he was a former child actor on a TV show. Is Dustin an actor, and did he appear in a former TV show? Well, IMDB lists Dustyn Tyler as an actor, mentioning him to be part of the cast in Demon’s Waltz, a 2021 film, and an upcoming film is known as Stay Out of The Basement.

The Demon’s Waltz, a film regarding a private investigator who intends to find out what started a TikTok challenge that killed several people, was inspired by Ryan Callaway’s disdain for TikTok. Even though it would make sense for the director to choose a TikTok star like Dustin Tyler to be part of the movie, there are different features between the real-life Dustin and the one in the movie, who goes by Kyle. We can’t tell whether he is the one or not.

Dustin Tyler’s Social Media Influence

Dustyn Tyler is influential on Instagram and TikTok. He has over 1.8 million followers on TikTok and 100, 000+ followers on Instagram, where his verified account goes by the name iamdustintyler. His fans and internet users know him as a social media (Instagram) influencer and a TikTok star. However, Tyler’s fame did not start with TikTok.

He came to the limelight shortly after launching an Instagram account to purposefully promote his friend’s clothing line, EXCD, which later earned him a partnership with Sullen clothing and pushed him to launch his clothing line. His passion for tattoos and fashion made him popular on the platform, earning him followers like Jenna Jameson and Kelly Osbourne.

He later leveraged his Instagram fame and opened a TikTok account that became a huge success. He continues to market different brands and lives a pretty lavish life in Minnesota, according to various sources.

Dustin Tyler’s Controversies

Dustin Tyler’s fame has not been free of controversies, just like with most popular social media and TikTok stars. His first controversy, which may have even made him quite famous, was claiming that he was Keanu Reeves’ son in one of his videos. Even though he later clarified that it was a joke, some of his fans believed him.

His second controversy, which angered some of his followers, was claiming that he was an actor in Victorious, a Nickelodeon kid show. He posted clips next to Matt Bennett (Robbie Shapiro in the show), pretending to be him. Some of his fans accused him of posting fake content. He still enjoys a huge fan base on his social media channels, with his follower count constantly growing.


Most fans probably thought that Dustin was gay initially, which turned out to be wrong. At the moment, we can’t tell if Dustin is in a committed relationship. Most people thought he was in a loving relationship with a beautiful girlfriend, who he occasionally shared pictures of on Instagram. Even though we didn’t know her name, she was a tattoo lover with just as many tattoos as Dustin. However, it turned out to be her friend. We can only hope they are still together if she was indeed her girlfriend, given that there’s nothing on Dustin’s Instagram to show. It’s also worth noting that Justin was previously married and got a son at 24. We don’t know much about the son as he hasn’t disclosed much.

Interesting Facts About Dustin Tyler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are a few interesting facts about Dustin Tyler that you should know:

●     He became a father at 24 years

●     He is a fashion lover who has collaborated with several clothing brands

●     His body is covered in unique tattoos owing to his love for tattoos.

●     Dustin has pierced his nose and ears

●     Dustin’s friend has a clothing line, which he( Dustin) promotes on social media

●     He is a musical artist with songs such as Don’t Start Now, My Oasis and Take Me Away

●     Dustin is a professional barber who worked at Great Clips

●     He lives in Minnesota at the moment

●     He is not Keanu Reeves’s son, as he claims


There is no doubt that Dustin Kyle is a successful TikTok star. He enjoys a huge fan base and has collaborations with different brands. He joins the list of most celebrities we have covered in our blog. Keep reading our articles to find out more about your favourite online celebrities.


1. Is Dustin Tyler An Actor?

Even though Dustin is listed as an actor by IMDB, he has different features from the person playing the characters in the films. We can’t be sure if it’s Dustin Tyler, the TikTok star, or if he shares a name with another actor.

2. How Did Dustin Tyler Become Famous?

Dustin became famous by leveraging his Instagram fame. He started a TikTok account and participated in lip-sync challenges that got him noticed by several internet users.

 3. Is Dustin Tyler A Musician?

According to some sources, Dustin Tyler also sings. His singles include My Oasis, Take me away, and Don’t start now. You can look up his songs to substantiate these claims.

4. Has Dustin Tyler Been Married Before?

Even though Dustin rarely talks about his personal life, it was established that the TikTok star and entrepreneur was married and even had a son at 24 years. There are even pictures of him and his son on the internet. Dustin also occasionally shares posts claiming that he has a daughter, which from the look of things, is one of his common jokes, just like his claim that he is Keanu Reeves’s son.