Who is Cody James | A Brand or Person?

Winter is now knocking at the door.  Now, what will be the demand of the day? Yes, boots!  Let alone winter, boots are appropriate for any type of workplace.  Boots can save your feet from water, mud, insects, sharp and blunt hazards, and many more.

Well, in other words, you must make sure you are wearing the right kind of boots in the right environment. There are different types of boot brands available now. If you are a boot lover, you know Cody James is one of the renowned boot brands. 

Well, as a renowned brand of boots, this is so common to ask, “Who is Cody James?” And “who is Cody James named after?“  So here in this content, we will try to deliver all necessary information about Cody James. Then let’s get started. 

Who is Cody James Boot Barn?

Cody James is such a type of brand that can dress you from head to toe. Though it is mostly known as a boot brand, it has long sleeve shirts, jackets, jeans, hats, and belts too. So it is more appropriate to say Cody James boots and apparel.

Cody James safety shoes are a line of shoes carried exclusively by the company, Boot Barn. Boot Barn is a US western-based company situated in California.  Cody James Boots were introduced in 2012 to compete with Red Ranch Boots. Red Ranch Boot was introduced by Sheplers in 2011. Now Sheplers is also owned by Boot Barn. 

Naming Reason Behind Cody James

Now comes the million-dollar question, who is Cody James named after? Is it only a name or is there really a person behind it?

Well, Cody James is a professional rodeo cowboy living in Arkansas, USA. From research, we got to know that he doesn’t own the company nor operate it. Though the company is named after him. So it can be set as an example of how someone can earn a livelihood by licensing the use of his name.

Cody James Boot

Making Procedure of the Boots

Another common question to ask is, how does Cody James make their products? Do they maintain qualities well?  Well, from online reviews we get to learn that the company has good remarks about construction and leather. These boots are presented at a moderate price value.

If you look at the price, you can guess the products are not handmade. Yes, they are made by machines in high production facilities in China. Also, they choose quality leather and materials. So in other words, Cody James ensures quality products. 

Are these Boots Comfortable?

Cody James boots are comfortable and unique in style. The company usually made cowboy and harness style boots. 

They are also very comfortable. Take an example of Men’s Square Toe Stockman Boots. These boots are made from premium full-grain leather with a comfortable square toe. So, the leather lining will help your feet to feel comfortable.

Again, the steel shank of the boot provides the support you need for all-day wear.  In this way, all the boots are made considering customers’ needs and comfortability. 

However, Cody James is usually built for hard-working purposes. These boots are available on the Boot Barn website and also in Sheplers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cody James boots made in the USA?

Almost every pair of boots, such as Shyanne, Idyllwild, Moonshine Spirit, and El Dorado are Made in the USA. And they are also sold direct-to-you. 

Are Cody James boots comfortable?

While making boots, the company gives utmost priority to comfortability. These boots are made from full-grain leather with a comfortable and fashionable square toe.  

Final Words

Who does not like the smell of fresh leather?  And if you are a boot lover, then it is beyond description.  Every time you pass through the boot shop, the smell holds you back. 

However, a good pair of leather boots will be good for everything once they are broken in. Cody James boots treated the customers well.  Nowadays Cody James has become the brand of the day for style, comfort, and durability.  For this, people of all ages like this brand.  

Well, here is our end of the discussion.  Thanks for staying with us till the end of the content and for this we are grateful to you. We hope this piece of content will be helpful.

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