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You may have seen Charleston White videos when casually scrolling through your Instagram. The bold and outspoken reformed convict is becoming increasingly popular owing to some of his takes and comments, which have been eliciting mixed reactions. Do you know anything outside his Instagram life? Let’s learn more about Charleston, including his relationships, and net worth.

Who IS Charleston White?

Charleston White is a reformed convict who served a 7-year sentence for offenses he committed as a juvenile. He managed to walk away from his life of crime and turned to social media, earning a huge fan base. White is famous for his commentaries on rap music and comments on trending headlines. He is currently a YouTuber who’s been at the center of different controversies. He considers himself a motivational speaker, a pillar in his community, and an active church member.

Charleston White  Early Life

Charleston White was born in 1970 in Texas, United States, where he grew up with his cousins and siblings. He came from a Christian family but lost track along the way, getting into a life of crime. Even though there is no useful or concrete information about his family, it’s alleged that White came from a mixed ethnic background family. He did his basic studies in a local school and later joined Texas Wesleyan University (according to his LinkedIn). He entered crime at the young age of 14, leading to a jail sentence.

Charleston and three friends decided to shoplift athletic jackets from a Footlocker store and shot dead a man who confronted them. Although he didn’t shoot the man, he told the Texas Tribune that he was by all-purpose and intent a murderer because he was indirectly responsible. He made headlines by being one of the first Tarrant county juveniles to go down for murder under the Texas Determining Sentence Law.

Charleston  White Release From Prison

Charleston White was sent to serve his sentence at the Texas Youth Council lockup, subject to which he was to be transferred to an adult prison on reaching 18 years. However, he says four juvenile correction officers successfully pleaded his case to the judge before his 18th birthday. He was sent to the Giddings State School, where he stayed until just before his 21st birthday. He was fully freed in 1998 after serving seven years behind bars. Fortunately, he has never set foot back in prison again.

He also pointed out in an interview that he had difficulties re-integrating back into society since his emotional process was that of a 14-year-old despite being a 21-year-old. He lacked social skills or anything that would have made him succeed in society. Still, he turned his life around and has achieved much success as a motivational speaker and social media star over the years.

Charleston White Career

What does Charleston White do? What has made him famous throughout the years? He founded the HYPE Youth Outreach, which targets the young population, helping them excel and stay out of jail, avoiding the same experience he had. He is also a motivational speaker who travels across the country to meet the youth and share his experiences. He is also common on social media and has a YouTube Channel with over 100k subscribers known as The Real Charleston White. Lastly, he has collaborated with several singers and rappers since his release from prison and owns a fashion store he markets online. Charleston has several income streams and is most probably living a comfortable life.

Charleston White Relationships

Charleston White is a married man. He lives in Texas with his family, wife, and two kids. However, we don’t have the name of his wife and kids since they are not as active on social media as he is. He has, however, shared images of his son on social media in the past.

Charleston White’s Net Worth

The bold, reformed convict Charleston White has made something out of his life. His approximate net worth is around $1.5 million. He makes good money from his online career and owns a fashion store with an official website. Going by his approximate net worth, White lives a comfortable life.

Charleston White Controversies

Charleston is not new to controversies. The outspoken social media personality has been at the center of different dramas and conversations owing to his comments and views on different issues. His biggest controversy was perhaps after the death of George Floyd, the brutal public murder that instigated the Black Lives Matter movement. He blamed Floyd for his murder and asked what he was doing downtown at the time of his death. He also called DMX a  drug addict and said he didn’t care about ‘dopeheads.’ Additionally, he made derogatory comments about Nipsey Hussle to the point of calling him the F-word, despite going to his burial and then mocked his funeral, which didn’t sit right with many people.

After the death of King Von, a popular rapper who was shot and killed, Charleston White said that he deserved to die, called him a devil, and even said he wasn’t human. He also claimed that he attacked Soulja Boy with his crew, which started an online battle. Lastly, Charleston had a problem with King Harris, the son of famous rapper T.I., who apparently threatened him. He wanted to get police protection against the 18-year-old rapper who told him never to go back to their neighborhood. These are just a few controversies surrounding Charleston.

Interesting Facts About Charleston White

Here are some of the things we bet you didn’t know about Charleston White:

●     Charleston is one of the many volunteers at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department

●     He made headlines after the shoplifting and shooting incident that got him jailed

●     He has appeared on several podcasts where he doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind, especially on hip-hop culture.

●     He owns a clothing line which he promotes on social media

●     He volunteers as a chaplain at Welcome Back Tarrant County

●     Charles’ nickname is Baby Blu


Despite all the controversies surrounding him, Charleston White has done well for himself. He managed to move from a convict to a famous social media personality and motivational speaker, even starting the HYPE organization. He now considers himself a pillar of the community. Keep reading our articles to find out more about your favorite celebrity.


1. Why Was Charleston White Jailed?

Charleston went to jail on a murder charge. They were shoplifting at a FootLocker store; an older gentleman intervened, causing an altercation that led to him getting shot and killed. Even though he didn’t pull the trigger, he has always maintained that he was responsible for his death.

2. What is Charleston White Known For?

White is known for his YouTube commentaries and his bold comments on different headlines. He doesn’t favour anyone when speaking his mind and has had problems with several people.

3. Has Charleston White Ever Apologized For a Comment He Made?

Yes. Charleston White apologized to Nipsey Hussle and the family for his comment following his passing. He went to the funeral but later came back to ridicule it. Many people loved Nipsey for what he did for his community; therefore, Charleston’s comments weren’t well-received.

4. What Did King Harris Say About Charleston White?

King Harris, T.I. ‘s son, threatened Charleston White and said that they (him and his crew) would beat him up if he ever returned to their neighbourhood. Charleston even considered getting police security after the threat.