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My eyes are puffy due to tiredness, and my stomach aching due to laughing so much. The reason behind my misery is Ainsley Fitz. Everyone is curious about who is Ainsley Fitz,  for real. Well, let’s raise the curtain from this mystery.

Those who play video games like Fortnite or PUBG might be aware of him. If not, then no worries, I will solve the mystery case of who is Ainsley Fitz?

Who is Ainsley Fitz?

Ainsley Fitz is a video gaming character created by Cameron Mckay, a famous YouTuber known for making gaming, comedy, and entertainment videos.

Why is he so popular?

He is popular due to his hilarious comedy antics in the video games like Fortnite, PUBG, which can be found in the gaming videos made by the famous YouTuber Cameron Mckay.

Interesting facts about him

Now that we know the marvelous creator of Ainsley, it will be fascinating to know some facts about him. Cameron is mainly known online by the name of Fitz or as GoodGuyFitz. In June 2016, his YouTube channel had 45000 subscribers in just 20 days.

Relationship Status

In 2020, he was entangled in controversy. The accusation seemed to be that Fitz was with Kate, also known as Katerino, the girlfriend of Carson King, his friend, CallMePerson online. Carson King is also a famous YouTuber like him. 

Many rumors were flying regarding it. But later on, in January 2021, it was revealed by Chad Roberts in an Instagram live chat that Carson and Kate never dated. Therefore we can say that Kate is his girlfriend, and by calculating all the rumors.

Ainsley Fitz Background

Who is Ainsley Fitz
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On 18th September 1996, Cameron Mckay was born. He is originally from New Zealand. Now the YouTuber is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, with five of his friends, with whom he has a podcast group called the Misfits.

His Description and Zodiac Sign

Carson has brown eyes and black hair, with a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of 75 kg. And his zodiac sign is Virgo.

Net worth

His estimated net worth is 1.2-3 million dollars.

Social Media Profile

He has an account both on Twitter and Instagram by the name of goodguyfitz.

His Journey

Fitz started his YouTube journey after high school as he had sufficient time to invest before his college terms began. But after a particular time, he dropped out of college as he didn’t find interest anymore.

In various videos, he mentioned that he didn’t fall out of college because he wanted to pursue being a YouTuber due to a lack of interest in college.

He first started making gaming videos and in between them; he used to incorporate funny subtitles focusing on the jokes people used to say while playing. After that, he started collaborating with known people, which boosted his channel and increased his subscribers.

He has two YouTube handles, major one deals with gameplay with hilarious analysis, and the other one contains bloopers, erased footage, etc. Moreover, both the Youtube channels of Fitz have 5 million subscribers. Also, Fitz has 2 million subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ainsley Fitz? Fan or Cameron Mckay; they have plenty of questions regarding them. These seem to be some of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully, we can answer the questions with utmost possibility.

1. How old is Fitz?

He is 26 years old.

2. Are Fitz and Pokimane together?

As we all know, Fitz has a jolly personality. He was joking about his relationship with his fellow streamer Pokimane, and they are not together.

3. Is Mccreamy Ainsley?

No, he is not Ainsley. Fitz created Ainsley.