Is Viotek A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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With several options in the market, choosing a monitor brand can be hectic, especially when they all come with enticing offers. This is why we advise you to extensively research different brands to know which ones will give you value for money. One of the brands you should look at is Viotek which specializes in computer monitor production. It offers competitive prices through its wide range of products and seeks to be an alternative for those who cannot afford monitors from high-end brands such as HP.

What’s the story behind Viotek? There is no substantial information about this brand’s origin on the web, even though several sources say as a Korean brand. It’s also important to note that the company has a presence in the US, with a physical office in Indiana, USA, where they offer customer support. However, their products are made in China, owing to the low manufacturing cost. Now that you know this company let’s find out more about whether it is a good brand worth spending your money on.

Is Viotek Worth Your Time And Money

To deduce whether this is a good brand, we will look at what their monitors offer regarding quality, resolution, screen size, panel type, and other features. Let’s get right into it!

1. Resolution

Viotek monitors are priced differently, giving everyone a choice depending on their preferences. Depending on your needs, you can choose from FHD (full high-definition display) to 4K UHD. However, note that there will be a price difference which you have to factor in when making your purchase decision. Make sure that you get a monitor whose resolution meets your requirement.

2. Design

Viotek majors in design. Their monitors are slim and sleek, making them aesthetically pleasing. This can be a perfect brand for minimalists who intend to save on space. Their monitors can also be used to achieve the perfect coding or gaming setup, which should be an incentive to get one if you are a gamer or a coder.

Unlike other brands such as AOC, which we covered in previous articles, Viotek includes sturdy bases in their monitor’s thanks to the metallic stands. Overall the modifications make them look appealing; therefore, if you are big on aesthetics, Viotek has something for you.

3. Price

How much are you willing to pay for a monitor? The answer will depend on your budget. Despite the aesthetically-pleasing design and high resolutions that these monitors have, they are priced relatively low. You can be sure you will get one cheaply, regardless of your chosen resolution.

This company allows you to achieve the budget setup you have always wanted to have.

4. Performance

Performance is everything. There is no need to invest in an aesthetically pleasing monitor if it doesn’t give you the level of performance you need in your different activities. A device that performs excellently but lacks in other areas is better than one that performs poorly yet is great in the latter. So, how do Viotek monitors perform?

Fortunately, these monitors perform excellently and can compete head-to-head with other renowned brands. From different customer reviews, this band caters to gamers who need powerful devices. The only problem is that the monitors may not handle frequent professional designing or intense video editing tasks well. You may have to rethink if your job involves using several photos, video, or visual editing programs.

5. Build Quality

Viotek offers different panel types depending on your budget and preferences. You get IPN, TN, and VA panels, all of which have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. IPS monitors offer excellent color reproduction and viewing angles; only they are usually more expensive than other versions. VA panels allow you to enjoy excellent image quality and performance. Like IPs panels, they have excellent color reproduction and viewing angles. Users also get fast response time and high refresh rates.

TN panels, on the other hand, are mostly found in gaming monitors because of their fast response time and high refresh rates, which are needed to play intensive games. Moat monitors with this type of screen are used in competitive gameplay and should therefore be your first consideration if you are a gamer. The only problem is that this panel can lead to issues such as screen tearing and ghosting, which you may want to avoid.

6. Refresh Rate

You must consider the refresh rates a monitor brand offers in its designs, as it will dictate what you can and cannot do with it. To help you understand, the refresh rate refers to the frequency at which the monitor can refresh the image on the screen per second. In simple terms, a monitor with a higher refresh rate offers smoother images and vice versa. We hope that you now understand what the refresh rate means.

Fortunately for you, Viotek offers different refresh rates in their designs. More expensive Viotek monitors will have a higher refresh rate than the relatively cheaper ones, so remember to factor in the price difference if you want the former.

7. Response Time

You cannot consider the refresh rate without paying attention to a monitor’s response time, which begs the question, what exactly is the response time? The response time refers to the time a pixel takes to transition from one color to the next. A faster response time means that this transition will happen quicker, giving you a less blurry and more precise image.

This is where you decide whether this brand is worth your money or time. What do you think? We believe this is a great brand for anyone looking for a budget but quality monitor. However, note that it can be limited when it comes to certain functions, such as frequent heavy video editing, so you may want to look for other options

How Does Viotek Compare To Other Brands

To fully decide whether Viotek is a good brand, we must look at how it compares to others. Some of the top monitor brands in the market and practically worldwide include Asus, Dell, Apple, and Samsung. First, Viotek monitors are cheaper than those produced by the brands we just mentioned, making them cost-effective options. For a ‘similar’ make in terms of specs, the difference can range from $50- $200.

Viotek also has better sound quality than most of the above brands, thanks to the built-in stereo speakers in most of its designs. Therefore, a high-end Viotek monitor can fare well or even win against most of these respected brands. Compared to lesser brands, Viotek takes the lead by a large margin.

How Customers Feel About Viotek

It’s important to find out what previous buyers think about their purchases before making a concrete decision. Even if you read all the online reviews you can come across; you still have to listen to those who have a hands-on experience with the brand you are thinking of buying. So, what are Viotek buyers saying?

Even though Viotek monitors are pretty good, they still attract mixed reviews. Some maintain that they are the best, while others complain about different features. However, it is important to note that most reviews are positive, which is a good thing. Most people love the aesthetically pleasing design and excellent build quality, which makes them durable. A good number also appreciated the monitors for their top-notch performance and the brand for their excellent customer service, which is everything if one needs to build a business.

Those unhappy about Viotek monitors cite their hotkeys, whose locations they find inconvenient (they are found under the front side of the bezel), making them hardly accessible. Buyers also complain about these monitors’ OSD menus, which look complicated. In fact, some users have even noted that they took time to grasp how to operate the OSD menu.


Have we answered your question on whether Viotek is a good brand? We hope so. This brand ensures you get quality monitors at a relatively lower price, making it a good option if your budget is tight. However, make sure you research more about the particular Viotek model you need and compare it to other models of its caliber but from other brands.


1. Can I Get A Viotek Monitor For Below $200?

Yes. Several Viotek monitors are retailing at below $200, with some even going for less than $150. Great examples include the Viotek GN27CB model, a 144Hz curved gaming monitor retailing below $180, and the Viotek GFV24C gaming monitor, which goes for roughly $150. This brand, indeed, has something for everyone.

2. Does Viotek Monitors Come With A Warranty?

Yes. This brand offers a 3-year warranty on all its products that covers mechanical defects. However, this warranty does not cover water damage.

3. Is There An Extended Warranty On Replaced Products?

Viotek values its customer base and offers a standard warranty on replaced products, which takes effect from the day of original delivery. It’s important to note that the extended warranty is final.

4. Are Viotek Monitors Suited For Gaming?

Yes. You can use your Viotek monitor to play your favorite games. The company has curved monitors just for this purpose.