Is Taotronics A Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know

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Music lovers know the importance of selecting quality brands. The only challenge is that there are many brands, which makes choosing the right one, especially if you are going for high-end brands alternatives, quite difficult. This is why it is important to exercise patience and learn more about different brands before making a purchase decision.

Our article will make your life a little bit easier by focusing on a brand you may have heard of or even wanted to try, Taotronics. However, before we begin our review, we must give you a little history of this brand. Taotronics is a Chinese brand that deals in a range of electronics. It was founded in 2007 as Sunvalleytek International Inc. and is currently headquartered in Shenzhen.

However, you will also find its offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hamburg, and San Francisco. We also have to mention that the company that owns Taotronics has 5 other popular brands, i.e., HooToo, Sable, Power, Anjou, and VAVA. Let’s now get right into our review.

What Products Does Taotronics Produce?

Taotronics are mostly popular for their headphones. However, it also makes a range of products you should know and explore if possible. Take a look at the following:

1. Headphones

Taotronics is known for some of the cheapest headphones on the market. It is a budget-friendly brand for those who may not have the money to get headphones from high-end brands such as Bose or Sony. Note that cheap here means as less as $10. If you are in doubt, look at this brand’s listed products on websites such as Amazon or Best Buy.

The only question arising from such a price range is whether you will enjoy your music. This brand’s headphones are quite popular and have even received excellent reviews. Several buyers applaud them for their comfort, long battery life, excellent noise cancellation, and decent sound. They have also been praised for their portability. We will find out more about all that when answering whether Taotronics is a brand worth your money or not.

2. Earbuds

Taotronics also produces earbuds, which attract lots of positive reviews like its headphones. However, note that these earbuds only cater to mid-range music listeners and may not be the best option for people who love deep sounds or custom specifications. All in all, even the latter still enjoys a decent amount of bass and excellent sound. The batteries are also equally good as they can go for up to eight hours, four hours more than several options in the market.

Moat buyers also applaud these earbuds for their mic quality, which they say allows them to listen in during meetings. Other pros we have established from different sites regarding these earbuds are their portability and comfortable fit. You don’t have to constantly adjust your earbuds to let them stay inside your ear as you listen to your favorite music.

3. Humidifiers

Did you know that Taotronics also produce humidifiers? Don’t be too shocked if you didn’t because many people only associate this brand with its headphones and earbuds. Get it from us that Taotronics offer humidifiers, which according to several users and buyers, are great and can bring more life to your space.

The first outstanding feature you will notice about these products is the clear display on their front side, which can be turned off when you don’t need exceedingly bright lights in your space, such as at night. Alternatively, you can set the display to night mode and get a warm, friendly glow that won’t disturb your sleep.

Despite the relatively low-price range, these humidifiers perform quite well. For example, you won’t be worried about your surfaces getting damp or the ground getting moist when your product runs longer. These humidifiers also come with a blue LED light that gives you a perfect view of the water levels. This light also has a timer, meaning it does not have to be on for an entire night.

Lastly, these products are easy to clean thanks to their adequately-sized tanks. All you need is a clean towel, and your product will be sparkling clean. It seems that Taotronics puts lots of effort into manufacturing its products, which is pretty good.

4. Dehumidifiers

The last products in the Taotronics catalog are dehumidifiers, which also enjoy many positive ratings. These products have a capacity of six liters, meaning that you don’t have to keep disposing of the water found in their tanks.

The dehumidifiers have excellent designs thanks to their sleekness and patent casing. Most people love them because of their ability to maintain a conducive humidity range, which we all need in our humidifiers.

One of the biggest challenges people with humidifiers face is the huge electricity bills. Fortunately, Taotronics offers an energy-efficient solution, meaning you don’t have to worry about your power bill. These products also have a timer, which is an added advantage.

Now that you know all the products this brand offers let’s find out whether it is worth your money or time.

Is Taotronics A Good Brand?

We must explore different features to establish whether Taotronics is a good brand. Here are a few:

1. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of brand success. Customers need to feel valued and respected, which can be achieved by having an excellent customer representative team that can respond to customer queries expeditiously. Luckily, this company is invested in offering its customers the best experience. To build trustworthy and impactful relations with its clients, Taotronics promises people undivided attention and excellent customer service even after they purchase their products.

The company does not also shy away from making replacements whenever customers file faulty product complaints, provided they are honest, and the fault does not arise from their actions.

2. Design

One of the best ways of determining whether a brand is worth spending on is by looking at its designs. For example, ask yourself whether their earbuds fit comfortably on your ear or if you must keep adjusting them. Taotronics seem to understand the importance of design since most positive online reviews we have seen applaud it for it.

This company believes in innovation, evident from its sleek and comfortable designs. Taotronics may have invested in a team of qualified engineers to develop its products based on the online reviews we have seen. Their products also boast of the latest technologies, making them easy to use and highly functional.

3. Reliability

How reliable is Taotronics? To answer this, we looked at different reviews. The company seems to have invested in the latest technologies, giving its customers high-performing but affordable devices. A quick search on Amazon reveals that this is a well-known brand whose products are used in several countries such as the UK, USA, and Germany.

4. Price

It’s common knowledge that Taotronics’ products are cheaper, which is, in fact, its main competitive advantage. However, note that unless you buy your product directly from the brand’s site, the pricing may differ slightly or largely. Also, remember that you may have to factor in other things, such as shipping costs and taxes.

5. Warranty

Taotronics offers a product and labor warranty on all device purchases on its websites and on Amazon. All you have to do is write an email to the customer service center in case of any defect with your product. This warranty exists in two, i.e., 12 months for the product and 18 months for labor.


This is where we pass judgment. Based on several positive reviews and the fact that this brand’s products sell at a relatively lower price, we can say that Taotronics is indeed a good brand for people who need humidifiers, dehumidifiers, headphones, and earbuds at lower prices.

Where Can I Get Taotronics Products?

Taotronics products are mostly sold in e-commerce stores, even though you may be lucky enough to find a few stores that sell them. We advise you to try Amazon, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce stores, in terms of sales and revenue. Make sure you buy your products from a verified seller for authenticity purposes. Alternatively, you can get this brand’s product from their site.


Based on online reviews, Taotronics is a brand you can rely on if you need cheap humidifiers, dehumidifiers, headphones, and earbuds. However, note that you will still have to research extensively on the particular product you wish to purchase before buying it. We hope that this article will help you make a great purchase decision.


1. Why Are Taotronics Products So Cheap?

Taotronics is a budget-friendly brand that caters to those who can’t afford high-end brands or prefer relatively cheaper products. Lowering its prices gives it a competitive advantage, which seems to have worked for it so far.

2. Where Can I Find Cheap Taotronics Products?

The best place to obtain this brand’s products is Amazon. Alternatively, you can obtain them from its official website. Note that both options come with a warranty.

3. What Makes Taotronics Tower Above Other Brands In Its Caliber?

The main reason why Taotronics competes fairly or even tower above other brands of its caliber is that it offers great products at a relatively lower price.

4. How Much Will I Pay For A Taotronics Headphone?

Taotronics headphones pricing varies, with some going for as low as $5.