Is Skullcandy a Good Brand? Everything You Need to Know

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Music has been a part of everyone’s life for ages. It’s because of its soulfulness, serenity, and comfort that it provides to the listeners. Yet, with good music comes the demand for a qualitative listening experience that’s only possible with good headphones. Here Skullcandy comes to help such consumers, being regular listeners, musicians, or a producer, looking for good headphone sets. 

Let’s discuss what makes Skullcandy a good brand and everything you need to know about how it surpasses all the other known manufacturers in the market. It will help you to analyze if Skullcandy is worth the hype or if it’s better than its competitors. 

What Is Skullcandy?

Skullcandy, an American headphone company formed in 2003, rose to fame in 2008 after introducing its 2XL versions. The American company Skullcandy produces earbuds, headphones, and other audio equipment. The brand’s products are well-liked by young people who use the headphones more as a fashion accessory than to listen to the audio quality due to their affordability.

Skullcandy earbuds are adequate for listening to rock, pop, and hip-hop but not for opera or orchestral music. You should look elsewhere if you want better sound quality, even though these sound okay for the price. Skullcandy headphones are specifically designed for young people. Hence they are made to be flashy and attractive.

With so many different colors and patterns to pick from, Skullcandy headphones are undoubtedly attractive. Teenagers tend to enjoy colorful, intriguing designs as well he striking hues. However, you might find them annoying as an adult. 

Motives For Purchasing Skullcandy Headphones

It has been disproved by the Skullcandy headphones because, yes, they are excellent. They are not perfect, but Sony is not either. The best part about them is that they are reasonably priced and have beautiful designs, bass, long battery lives, and durability. You must be perplexed if you believe Skullcandy is a reputable company. So, let me provide you with some evidence that Skullcandy is a reputable company.

1. Pattern and Colors 

Back then, headphones were enormous, heavy, and only came in one color, black. Skullcandy ensures that you never get exhausted. These headphones are lightly colored. Everybody needs a living accessory, and there are many different color and design options available here.

2. Value 

In contrast to most other producers, Skullcandy headphones are affordable, so buying a pair won’t break the bank.

3. Excellent Battery Capacity

Long-lasting battery life for headphones is usually a plus. As a result, there is no need to pause playback to plug in the set. Skullcandy headphones are renowned for their powerful batteries and rapid recharge times.

The Crusher’s battery can support 44 hours of talk time and 40 hours of music listening. Bluedio is another enduring brand of headphones that comes to mind. However, you can use the crusher for 40 hours straight after a complete six-hour charge.

4. High-Definition Sound

I still favor Skullcandy headphones even though they only have better sound quality for casual listening. You don’t want to hear a chatty colleague or the hubbub of mass transit. I get how you feel. These are perfect for it in this sense. It’s only they offer a little bit too much bass.

5. A Large Selection Of Themes

There are several models to pick from at Skullcandy. Everyone can find something here, except audiophiles, but even if that doesn’t describe you, you’ll still like the sound and the price.

6. Make In Polymer

Although I think Polymer Construct Skullcandy has been around for a while, there is competition. They are the only ones available at this price and were created for music enthusiasts. They are more expensive than less expensive versions. Yet, they don’t last as long.

Now we will see the five best Skullcandy Earphones to analyze their features. 

5 Best Skullcandy Earbuds

1. Upgraded Skullcandy Ink’d

 While Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 offers a pleasant sound mix, the sound quality tends to degrade over time, especially when subjected to more frequent use. The Ink’d 2.0, however, might become your new favorite piece of clothing whether you like to rock out while exercising or like working out while rocking out.

 In regards to satisfaction, this could offer the best of both worlds. Each customer has praised the product’s audio quality, and because of their design, they are excellent at reducing outside noise so that you can fully immerse yourself in your music.


  • Best earphones in their class, 
  • Are appropriate for sports and fitness, 
  • High-quality, durable cable


  • Games cannot be played well with this.
  • While moving, there can be a rushing sound.

2. Foam Skullcandy Jib True Wireless 

The Skullcandy earphones have a straightforward appearance. They are entirely sweat-resistant, have superior construction, and have an IPX4 rating.

For the price, one can charge the battery fully for more than 6 hours, and the rechargeable battery can expand that time to 16 hours. Sadly, a micro-USB socket has taken the place of the USB-C connector. They are excellent for prolonged listening sessions due to their lightweight and ergonomic design.


  • Reasonable acoustics,
  • Enough battery life,
  • When in mono mode, only utilize one bud at a time,
  • Vibrant patterns.


  • Inadequately amplified,
  • This device’s Micro-USB port is outdated

3. Thrust Effective Skullcandy

Remarkably, Push Active’s audio is well-balanced, with only a slight boost to the upper bass. They complement almost all musical genres. A variety of silicone ear tips are now available for the Skullcandy Push Ultra to enhance fit, comfort, passive noise isolation, and bass extension.

For further moving stability, the moldable ear hooks and IP55 water-resistant certification are essential features. The Push Active offers EQ options, including one specifically designed for the Skullcandy app. Of course, they back the Tile system.


  • Excellent audio balance.
  • Headphone clips offer a great deal of durability.
  • Great battery life is provided.
  • Equalization modification is in-app.


  • Qi fast charging is absent.
  • The microphone is of poor quality.

4. Thrilling 3 Skullcandy

The Hesh 3 headset is primarily built of plastic, similar to the Skullcandy Hesh 2, making it lightweight and portable. You don’t even realize you’re wearing these Skullcandy headphones, which weigh only 200 grams. In addition, you may wear them for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable because of the big fluffy ear cushions. Great noise isolation is also made possible by the Hesh 3’s thick ear cushions. The users can change the position of the ear cups and fold them upward to save space.


  • Fantastic passive seclusion
  • An ideal blend of comfort and lightness.


  • Fragile material is used to secure the headband. 
  • Audio leak

5. ANC Skullcandy Roller

The over-ear cups of the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are heavily cushioned with memory foam. A good set of headphones feels durable enough to be used every day. The plastic structure is primarily to blame for the featherweight.

For a more enjoyable gaming experience, Skullcandy chose physical buttons over touch controllers. You may take phone conversations and listen to music simultaneously; all due to the built-in microphone. A slider behind the left ear cup allows you to adjust the bass response.


  • Utilizing touch feedback to change the bass
  • Increased quality construction
  • A companion app with the Personal Sound feature


  • Expensive


1. Does Skullcandy Compare To Beats?

In comparison to Beats, Skullcandy headphones have much better sound quality and durability. Skullcandy headphones are the most preferred option for consumer audio at the moment.

2. Do Bose Headphones Outperform Skullcandy Headphones?

Although Bose headphones may have higher sound quality than Skullcandy headphones, the latter do provide significantly longer battery life and a more comfortable fit.

3. What Is The Best Way To Tell If My Skullcandy Is An Original?

Scan the sealed QR code on the side of the container to confirm that the headphones are Skullcandy.

You should be able to use this code to access the Skullcandy website for confirmation. To confirm the legitimacy, you may also enter the serial number on your Skullcandy headphones on their website.

4. Which Skullcandy Headphones Are The Best?

The Crusher EVO headphones are the best Skullcandy headphones based on overall sound quality, adaptability, and cost.


Are you now in favor of Skullcandy being a good brand? Yes, at least we can safely say Skullcandy is a reputable company, and their headphones are top-notch. There are certain issues with the sets, but no firm can assert that they are perfect. Even though Skullcandy headphones can occasionally be heavy and uncomfortable.

They might also lack high-end sophistication, and older models might have short battery lives. Additionally, they continue to be an excellent brand of headphones that work perfectly. Skullcandy produces stylish headphones. They offer a large selection of headphones for listening to music, sports, and gaming, among other sorts of listening. They don’t.

However, have any headphones for attentive listening. The best headphones for casual music listeners are Skullcandy models. They provide a comfortable fit for prolonged use and have remarkable sound performance for their price. Hence, the above information proves that Skullcandy is a good brand.