Is Nine West A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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If you are a fashion-conscious individual, you probably identify with the fact that the clothes and accessories you select speak volumes about you. They show people what you value as they help you to express your personality through your dressing preferences. What you wear can help people gauge your status and wealth, as just a few pieces and accessories can reveal your financial status.

So, if you are the type that carefully selects brands, then you may want to consider Nine West. Ranging among the top 100 popular brands for shoes and clothing, Nine West is an excellent place to shop without spending exorbitantly but getting value for money.

Who Runs Nine West And What Do They Sell?

Nine West is a fashion house that sells fashionable women’s shoes, branded handbags, and accessories, including watches, eyewear, and jewelry. It is a New York-based American online fashion retailer that first launched operations in 1983 in White Plains. That year, the company opened its first specialty branch in Stamford, Connecticut. Consequently, it opened its first international branch in 1984 in Hong Kong and has since expanded to over 800 locations worldwide. The company acquired its name from its founding location in Solow Building at 9 West 57th Street in New York City.  

The brand started as a stylish footwear brand that diversified to include watches, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, belts, and eyewear. It also sells cold-weather accessories, including hats, scarves, wraps, and outerwear. In 1995, the company added ladies’ and men’s apparel and children’s footwear. The same year, the company purchased United States Shoe Corporation’s footwear division.

John Apparel Group acquired the retailer in 1999, and by 2006 the brand was collaborating with other brands like Thakoon, Sophia Kokosalaki, and Vivienne Westwood. Soon after, Nine West partnered with New Balance to develop a footwear collection. In 2015, the Canadian retailer Nine West, known as Sherson Group, filed for bankruptcy protection for all its Canadian locations.

In 2018, Nine West’s American business also filed for bankruptcy and shut down all its stores in the U.S. The brand was acquired by Authentic Brands Group, an American brand management company with headquarters in New York City. Although Nine West closed its physical location in 2018, its products continue to sell in other retail outlets and online.  

Is Nine West A Reliable Brand?

Yes, Nine West is indeed an excellent brand. The products are made of genuine leather and are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to deliver perfect finished pieces. Some of the products on sale include:

1. Shoe Wear

Nine West’s range of shoe wear ranks highly and is considered among the best in quality shoe supply. The offers range from sleek, chic, sophisticated, practical, casual, and fun. They include sandals, heels, loafers, or casual footwear. There are a variety of sneakers designed in the form of slip-on, closed lace-ups, platforms, and unisex options. Additionally, their sandals come in many shapes and designs, including wedge sandals, heels, ankle wraps, sporty designs, flip flops, and mules.

One of the most popular Nine West collection’s acronyms is N.I.N.E., which stands for Need It Now Edit. The collection offers various shoes, including heels, sandals, slip-on, and boots. Apart from shoes, they highlight different shoe designs and accessories to match their party-time collection.

2. Watches 

Is Nine West watches as good as they claim? Yes, Nine West has an excellent watch selection that is reliable and durable. The designs are classy and attractive and integrate numerous features without going overboard in their pricing.

While the watches aren’t diamond or gold studded, they are durable and of good quality. Nine West offers classy gold platted watches with stainless steel casings and mineral crystals to protect the watch from damage. The watches come with batteries and quarts of electronic movement, making them remarkably accurate even after years without maintenance. While they aren’t the most prized watches on the planet, they are a practical option that can effectively serve their purpose.

3. Earrings 

Apart from shoes and bags, Nine West also has a good collection of classy earrings. The different earring types on offer give women multiple varieties to choose from. Customers have various options to choose from, whether the large hoop earrings with a stainless steel finish or other designs with silvertone beads. Whether you want an everyday casual look or unique pieces to match your outfit for an evening event, the varieties on offer cannot disappoint.  

4. Handbags 

Nine West is a one-stop bag shop offering a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wide range, as you can find a bag to match whatever outfit, theme, or occasion you attend.

The designs are unique and classy and can match almost any theme you want to align with. Whether you love bold colors or prefer a more basic look, the possibilities available are many. There are high-quality purses that match the handbags. Some excellent options include crossbody bags, handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, clutches, totes, and wallets. Nine West also offers fantastic products and excellent alternatives for customers on a budget.

5. Bracelets 

If you are looking for fashion accessories, a bracelet is a great addition that helps to compliment your overall look. Whether you’ve been invited to a wedding, a corporate function, or a casual engagement, having a bangle is an excellent way to accompany any ensemble.

A bracelet is also an excellent gift option that you can buy for a friend or a loved one as a way of appreciating them. You can’t miss getting a unique and elegant piece, from a crystal bracelet design to a silver coated alternative. At Nine West, you can choose from designs that come in different shades and styles. With the wide range selection, you can take advantage of an accessory to match your dress code.


1. Is Nine West A Luxury Brand?

Though Nine West is an excellent option that offers high-quality products, the brand is not considered a luxury or high-end brand. However, their products are stylish, fashionable, classy, and competitively priced.

2. What Makes Nine West Popular? 

Nine West is known for its wide range of footwear and accessories. It is recognized locally and abroad for its exclusive quality footwear, handbags, and accessories. Spread across different locations internationally; the brand guarantees an unwavering focus on delivering style, quality, and affordability.

3. Is Nine West A Costly Brand? 

One factor consumers consider when purchasing, especially on shoes, clothing, and accessories, is whether the brand is expensive. The main reason may be whether they want to save as they are on a tight budget or they want to display their wealth by purchasing from a high-end brand. Whatever your reasoning, this is a significant factor that drives customers to take appropriate action.

To answer the question of whether Nine West is an expensive brand, no, it isn’t. It is an affordable brand that offers high-quality products, including shoes, clothing, and accessories like bags and watches. The brand compromises on price, making its products affordable to the average consumer who wants a designer product. To achieve this, it only sources its high-quality raw materials from the best and most trusted suppliers. The brand is not necessarily cheap, but it offers competitive prices.

4. Is Nine West Still In Operation? 

Though it has suffered a significant setback occasioned by its bankruptcy challenges in recent years, the company is still operational and has a considerable consumer base both locally and internationally.  

5. Is Nine West A Designer Brand? 

No, Nine West is not a designer brand. However, its clothing line has a wide range of fabulous outfits at affordable rates. The brand may not rank among the high-end luxury fashion houses, but neither does it rank poorly where quality is concerned. In fact, the touch and smell of their shoes and handbags are evidence of genuine leather used in production. 

6. How Do You Distinguish An Original Nine West Product? 

While the brand has worked tirelessly to offer its customers authentic products, many counterfeits have emerged. These counterfeits provide inferior quality that is less durable. The challenge comes as it’s pretty tricky to tell the difference between a real and fake Nine West product, especially if you are a new customer. Outlined below are pointers to help you authenticate a genuine product from a fake one.

  • Nine West products are well branded, with tags appearing on the bag.
  • The bags should have a strong smell of authentic genuine leather.
  • The stitching and finishing are impeccably done, so if you see an imperfection, you’re most likely dealing with a fake product.


Nine West is a great place to shop if you’re looking for great fashion pieces without draining your bank account. It offers unique pieces that are carefully put together to create products that any fashion-conscious customer will love. There’s so much you can get by shopping at Nine West, whether it’s the wide-range shoe options or accessories. The brand has worked hard to maintain consistently high quality. Their efforts have borne fruit and have left a footprint in the fashion industry by providing classy, fashionable pieces at an affordable price.