Is Moog a Good Brand? Everything You Need to Know

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If you need parts for your steering and suspension, you might ponder whether Moog is a reputable brand. You are positive that you have encountered them in the past, but you are still determining the quality of the items they sell. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Moog components to assist you in determining whether or not these parts are suitable for your vehicle. Given the information provided here, it is impossible to say whether or not Moog is an appropriate brand for steering and suspension parts. Some people can’t get enough of them, while others consider them overpriced and of poor quality. Your preferences and requirements will govern everything. There are a few different elements to consider before settling on a choice.

Regarding steering and suspension components, Moog is among the most well-known brands in the industry. They have been in business for nearly half a century and have established a solid name for themselves in the industry. They offer a variety of solutions, and everything they sell is made to make your car work better in some way. 

About The Brand- Moog

Since the company’s inception in 1919, Moog has garnered a strong reputation for providing replacement components of the highest possible quality for steering and suspension systems. In 2001, the company decided to enter the European market to fortify its position as a globally recognizable brand. It has endured all these years because it is sensitive to the needs and desires of the people who buy from it. It is demonstrated by how the company packages its products. Moog pre-mounts its components so they can be easily installed quickly and efficiently. When you get a box from this provider, you can rest assured that it will come with all the tools you need to replace components as quickly and effectively as possible. You will discover that the components are of high quality, in addition to how straightforward it is to use them. In their engineering, they prioritized durability to ensure that it would last for a very long time. Moog places a high value on its customers and will go to considerable lengths to ensure they have an enjoyable experience. The organization knows how difficult it may be for many customers to track the appropriate vehicle components. In line with this, it provides various educational resources on its website, such as newsletters and virtual training, that will provide you with essential information regarding automobile components.

 This American manufacturer has a decent catalog that features various products that can be used as replacement components for steering and suspension systems. Moog can supply its customers with a variety of items, including but not limited to wheel bearings, axial rods, tie rod assemblies, and steering rack gaiter kits. In addition, it provides repair kits that can assist your mechanic in resolving any issues that may arise with the steering or suspension system.

Where Are Moog Parts Manufactured?

Where exactly are the individual Moog parts manufactured? Alas, the answer to this issue is more complex than it once was because circumstances have changed. For many years, all of the Moog synthesizer chassis parts were manufactured in the United States. There is a widespread misconception that American companies only manufacture Moog parts. However, as time passed, we observed that an increasing number of Moog parts were manufactured in one nation after another. It is hard to forecast which country will manufacture a certain Moog part because so many countries worldwide produce Moog parts. Examining the label attached to a Moog part is the quickest and easiest way to determine the year it was manufactured.

Is Moog A Brand Of Quality?

It depends on the person you ask about it. While some think MOOG’s products are overpriced and of poor quality, some adore them. Your preferences and requirements will be the deciding factors in everything. Some customers are unhappy that the parts sometimes fit together perfectly, and they regret not going with a different vendor who offered a lifetime warranty instead. Others say that when they put Moog parts in their vehicles, their overall performance improved. MOOG is a well-known company with a long history of making cars. If you are seeking a less expensive option, you might find that the components made by other manufacturers are a better match for your automobile.

Does Moog Have An Unlimited Warranty?

Moog products come with a limited lifetime guarantee that covers manufacturing defects. If the broken item were purchased and installed directly from a Moog authorized dealer, they would repair it at no cost to the customer as long as certain conditions are met. Moog is a dependable manufacturer with a long history of creating steering and suspension parts of the highest possible quality. They provide customers with a diverse selection of options and back every product with a limited lifetime warranty. However, there are more cost-effective alternatives to choose from. It is necessary to analyze how much the quality and features of Moog components are worth.

Are Moog Control Arms Dependable?

Control arms are consistently one of Moog’s most popular items. These are designed to enhance your car’s handling, and many individuals believe installing them is a worthy improvement over the factory components. They do, however, suffer from several limitations. One of the most common gripes regarding Moog control arms is that they occasionally cannot be utilized with aftermarket components, which is why they are so popular. Consequently, if you have upgraded your suspension system, you may find that you need to search for a different form of the control arm.

Difference Between Moog And Mevotech

Mevotech and Moog are companies that deal in similar products, are well-known in their respective industries, and have their sights set on expanding their presence in American and international markets. These are only some of the many parallels between the two. Both of these businesses offer extensive product catalogs and produce goods of high quality. Despite their similarities, Moog and Mevotech are distinct in several significant respects, all of which will be discussed in this article.

1. Price

When everything is taken into account, Mevotech offers lower prices than Moog. Moog can maintain a loyal customer base despite raising prices on its products because of its premium brand name and the improved production processes that it employs.

2. Performance

The higher cost of Moog suspension is not just attributable to the premium status of the Moog brand. Their solutions offer improved handling compared to OEM or Mevotech components because of the incorporation of NASCAR’s knowledge throughout. Mevotech is capable of performing admirably in any normal passenger vehicle.

3. Durability

Both Moog and Mevotech pay special attention to the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials they use, and customer feedback suggests that the products produced by both companies are equally long-lasting. On paper, Moog ought to be considerably superior. Still, it is impossible to compare accurately because various people have varied driving patterns, terrible road conditions, and other things. That replacement components from Moog and Mevotech will last at least as long as their OEM equivalents are something guaranteed with absolute certainty.


1. Are Moog parts as good as OEM?

The quality of Moog parts exceeds that of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. For instance, they include grease fittings in their inventory. Visiting internet discussion groups is the quickest and easiest way to get an idea of the value of Moog components because you can see what results others are getting from utilizing Moog components.

 However, it is essential to remember that OEM might sometimes be of higher quality. Sometimes this is the case, but most of the time, it is not. Considering this, you could change the rule to say, “OEM is normally best unless your automobile is Italian.

2. Are Moog parts better than Dorman parts?

The vast majority of OEM vehicles and general use are appropriate applications for Dorman components. For example, they are similar to how the parts are organized on eBay. If you don’t overuse any Dorman parts, you won’t have any problems. On the other side, Moog parts have a higher price tag but are of a far higher standard.

3. Is Moog worth the price?

Ans: Moog components are held in high esteem by certain individuals; nevertheless, others consider them overpriced and of poor quality. Your preferences and requirements will be the deciding factors in everything. If you are seeking high-quality steering and suspension parts, Moog may be a suitable option for you to consider. If you are seeking a less expensive option, you might find that the components made by other manufacturers are a better match for your automobile.

3. Is Moog Made in China?

The appropriate response to this question is that Moog is a global brand, and as a consequence, its products are made in different regions of the world, including China. It is a real brand with its headquarters in the United States. It just celebrated its 100th year in the replacement parts business. 


Is Moog a good brand? The terse response to such a question is, “it depends.” Before making a purchase, it is important to research the component you are looking for and compare prices. Remember that not all Moog items are created equal; some are built with superior materials. Moog does not guarantee the quality of any of its products. Always read reviews written by other customers before purchasing so that you have an idea of what to anticipate from the product. Under no circumstances should you discount the importance of the price. Although Moog is a well-known manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, the fact that its products are not necessarily the most cost-effective does not imply that this is the case. Doing some research can ensure that you are receiving the most for the money you spend.