Is Kobalt A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know 

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A reliable set of tools for your workshop or home repair needs doesn’t have to be costly. When purchasing, one vital thing to consider is their performance, quality and durability. Most buyers prefer tools that are competitively priced and offer good service. One of the many selected and popular options is Kobalt. You could consider Kobalt’s tools and equipment if you need workshop tools for a home improvement project or a DIY task. If you’re wondering whether Kobalt is good, read on to find that out. 

Who Makes Kobalt Power Tools And What Are They Used For? 

Kobalt consists of a line of hand and mechanical power tools. The company is owned by Lowe’s Companies Inc., an American company with branches in North America, Mexico and Canada. J.H William, one of Lowe’s partners, launched Kobalt in 1998 to rival Sears and The Home Depot. The business makes a wide range of reasonably priced power tools, accessories and outdoor equipment. 

The company is a long-serving tool supplier popular among merchants, including electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and construction workers. These tools help in minor home improvements and repair works. The company’s products include screwdrivers, hammers, and other power tools mainly manufactured by different vendors in the states and internationally. 

Kobalt’s Origin

In 2003, Danaher Corporation started manufacturing most of Kobalt’s hand tools, but the partnership ended in 2011 when Lowe’s Company Inc. contracted JS Products. Great Neck is the sole supplier of screwdrivers, while Chervon manufactures its cordless power tools. Additionally, Rexon Industrial Corp, a Taiwanese company, manufactures Kobalt’s miter saws and accessories. Lowe has two other Kobalt tool brands – Blue Hawk and Project Source that guarantee quality and affordability.

Kobalt produces a wide range of tools; if you have a workshop or frequent hardware stores, you must be familiar with the brand. Some of the devices on sale include: 

  • Kobalt air tools include air compressors and grinders, impact wrenches and pneumatic accessories. 
  • Kobalt power tools include drills, drivers, sanders, saws, impact wrenches, batteries, rotary and oscillating tools. 
  • Kobalt tool storage and garage organization help keep your workshop organized. These tools include workbenches, utility shelves, tool chests and toolboxes. 
  • Kobalt hand tools include sockets, wrenches, pliers, torque wrenches, utility knives, chisels, hammers and other mechanical and household tool sets. 
  • Kobalt outdoor power equipment includes sprayers, cordless lawnmowers, chainsaws, hedge or string trimmers, blades and blowers. 

How Reliable Are Their Products? 

Kobalt is a durable and reliable brand, especially when looking for tools for your workshop or home improvement DIY projects. When buying a Kobalt brand, you can relax knowing that the purchase comes with a warranty and excellent customer care service. 

Kobalt Warranty 

Kobalt offers a long-term warranty on all their power tools, including saws, screw guns, drills etc. This warranty means that if you purchase any Kobalt power tool and experience challenges using it within 3-5 years, they will repair or replace it. It would be best if you didn’t worry, as a lifetime guaranteed warranty gives you specific legal rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 

Depending on the tool or equipment, the one to five-year limited warranty guarantees that the equipment ought to operate optimally without any defects in materials and quality. However, the guarantee doesn’t cover neglect, abuse, improper maintenance, unauthorized repairs, alterations or normal wear and tear. If you believe your equipment meets the above guarantee criteria, kindly return it. You must have adequate proof of purchase and return the product to the store of purchase for repairs or replacement at no extra cost. Handheld power tools pledge a one-year 100% risk-free money-refund guarantee with adequate proof of purchase. 

If you’re sure that a Kobalt battery is defective during the specified warranty period, return it along with the proof of purchase to the store of purchase and they will either make a refund or replace it for free. While Kobalt guarantees a warranty for their tools and equipment, specialty tools like knives, cutlery, drill bits, sharpening stones, blades and accessories aren’t covered. For more information, log on to the company’s warranty page to confirm if your Kobalt purchase is protected. 


1. Power Tools 

Kobalt has fairly reliable and decent power tools, though the variety is not as expansive compared to other brands like Dewalt’s or Makita. These battery-operated power tools are readily available and include different models of saws and drills. Though there could be better brands in the market, Kobalt’s power tools are practical for the majority of home improvement tasks and DIY tasks. 

2. Outdoor Equipment 

Their outdoor equipment is mechanical, battery-powered, and an excellent alternative catering to environmental conservation. They are highly recommended for small-scale tasks. However, they seem costly and tend to lose charge before completing specific tasks. The company doesn’t produce gas-powered outdoor equipment.  

3. Hand Tools 

Kobalt’s hand tools are durable, high quality and a popular gift option for your hands one loved ones. Their wrenches, pliers, hammers, sockets, or household tool sets are equally durable and of good quality, offering value for money. They are reliable and can make an excellent addition to any workshop. 

Air Tools And Compressors 

Some of the most popular categories in this line include nailers, air inflators, pneumatic staplers, air compressors accessories kits and hoses. Whether you want to redecorate with a spray painter, do some carpentry work or fix your car with an air ratchet, pneumatic equipment will help you efficiently complete multiple tasks by saving you time and effort. 

Although air compressors can perform various tasks, you must be aware that compressors vary, and though they may be ideal for one job, they may be less effective for another. Before investing in a compressor, you must consider its delivery speed, maximum PSI, compressor capacity, portability, total volume and usage. 

An air compressor in the garage is beneficial as it allows you to power all your pneumatic equipment, including nailers, paint sprayers or staplers. Purchasing an air compressor helps you save time and improves your efficiency at work, as a compressor’s versatility enables you to multitask. Whether you’re into construction, décor, maintenance or a DIY enthusiast, there’s plenty to benefit from an air compressor. 

An air compressor can help inflate tires, balloons, balls, or floaters. Some models that are ideal for home garages are affordable and low maintenance. Their size and portability make them suitable for handling tasks in different locations. You will save tons of cash spent outsourcing jobs that you can take by having a proper air compressor. 

Benefits Of Using Kobalt Tools And Equipment 

  • It offers a wide range of products dedicated to building, construction and home repair needs. 
  • Kobalt-branded tools are moderately priced and affordable compared to other similar brands. 
  • Most tools are made of high-quality materials and are subjected to rigorous quality control measures to guarantee quality. 


  • Low-priced Kobalt models can hardly withstand heavy-duty work when subjected to extreme hot or cold environments. 
  • Most of the tools perform better on smaller light-duty tasks. The equipment tends to tear and wear out quickly when subjected to more demanding projects. 


1. Do Kobalt Tools Have A Long-Term Life Guarantee? 

Yes. Kobalt hand tools come with a hassle-free guarantee where you can access free repair or product replacement in case of a default in its performance and quality. However, you must carefully check out their warranty policy to determine if your purchase meets the company’s return policy.  

2. Is It Necessary To Register Kobalt Equipment? 

After making a Kobalt socket purchase, it is advisable to register it to join the Socket for Life Program.  

3. Are Kobalt Tools And Equipment Of High Quality? 

Kobalt is a tool manufacturing company that has been in operation for quite some time and is arguably one of the best brands in the industry. The company produces reliable, high-quality tools that have been tested and proven over time.

4. What Must You Consider When Purchasing An Air Compressor? 

Before making a selection, you need to identify your needs. Determine the air compressor’s use and do valuations. Also, you must consider the maintenance requirements, weight and size, especially if you need to keep moving it. If you need to use multiple tools simultaneously, consider selecting a compressor equipped with double universal couplers. Select a low noise output compressor to avoid disturbing the peace around. 

5. How Do I Determine The Right Air Compressor Size For My Garage? 

The size of the air compressor will vary depending on need and performance. For large, demanding projects, you will need a compressor with a large tank size ranging between 15 to 30 gallons to ensure you complete your tasks efficiently. However, a compressor with a 4 to 10-gallon range is adequate if you need one for temporary or occasional jobs.  


Kobalt is an excellent brand that symbolizes the best in performance and efficiency. The company continually develops new varieties of tools that work well when tackling home improvement tasks. If you’re looking for affordable home improvement tools, consider getting your equipment from Kobalt, a brand known for its high-quality tools. 

Their ease of use will help you handle more tasks quickly, saving precious time you can utilize elsewhere. They are high-quality tools that will last a lifetime, saving you money in frequent repairs or replacements. Kobalt has carved a niche in the industry as a brand trusted by many homeowners and professionals.