Is Hask A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Maintaining your hair in optimal condition is a struggle that many people have. Life is becoming busier daily, with more responsibilities screaming for your limited time and attention. Irrespective of how busy your schedule gets, you still need to create time for self-love and proper grooming. What better way to pamper yourself than to give special attention to your appearance?

When you talk about good grooming, the skin is the first place to start, followed by the hair. People use a wide range of products on their hair to maintain shine and volume, making hair care products a million-dollar industry. From shampoos to conditioners and hair moisturizers, numerous hair care producers in the market have carved a name for themselves. One such company is known as Hask.

What Products Do They Make?

One well-known company is Hask Beauty, which specializes in hair and body products. This long-serving company has been around since its products have been on the shelves since 1946. The company comprises a collection of hair care products that utilize exotic ingredients and luxurious fragrances from different parts of the world. Some of the products available include:


  • Color care products that offer protection and enhance your hair’s color. They include a color protection shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner.
  • Blonde care for all shades of blonde, including a purple toning shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and a 5-in-1 leave-in spray.
  • Curl care for all curl types, including a detangling conditioner, moisturizing shampoo, curl enhancing mousse, curl shaping jelly, curl defining cream, curl refreshing mist and a 5-in-1 leave-in spray.
  • A wide range of oils includes shear butter, hibiscus, tee-tree, argan, coconut, macadamia, rose and chia seed oils.

Body Care Products 

Hask has a variety of body wash options, including:

  • Cucumber and aloe vera body wash for refreshing the body
  • Coconut body washes for nourishing the body.
  • Shea and cocoa butter body wash for moisturizing the body.
  • Lavender and vanilla body wash for relaxing the body.

How Reliable Are The Products In Terms Of Quality? 

The founders of this company wanted to keep the products as natural as possible. The brand’s goal is to create products free from harmful chemicals making the products safe that anyone can use. The ingredients in the products cater to all allergic needs.

The company has a collection of exotic oils in their shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in treatments, hair food and conditioners that cater to all kinds of hair challenges. Their shampoo selection mainly focuses on treatment and repair for all hair types.

Is Husk A Reliable Brand?

One of the main reasons people love this brand is that the products are free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, gluten or aluminum starch. Again, no animal or bird is harmed to create these products, so you needn’t feel guilty about making a Husk brand purchase. So, what is the benefit of haircare products free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, gluten or aluminum starch? Below is a summary that explains this.

How Do Gluten-Free Products Benefit Your Hair? 

A gluten-free diet minimizes the effects of hair loss from alopecia resulting in hair restoration within a few months.

What Is Gluten? 

Gluten is a protein in a wide range of grains, especially wheat, which is a glue that holds food together, giving dough that elastic feel. Wheat, the main component of gluten, is relatively prevalent in the beauty industry as an ingredient in hair care products.

Customers who lack gluten intolerance can still benefit from gluten-free hair care products as they are known to eliminate a dry scalp and minimize dandruff. No scientific evidence proves gluten can negatively affect a gluten-intolerant individual using certain haircare products. Unless there’s a likelihood of accidentally ingesting it via a soap or lipstick, then there’s no harm in using haircare products with gluten. However, even If you don’t have gluten intolerance, you can still benefit from gluten-free hair products.

Why Must I Use A Phthalate-Free Shampoo? 

1. What Are Phthalates? 

Phthalates are harmful chemicals that make plastics more flexible and less prone to penetration. These substances are added to shampoos to substitute an artificial fragrance in many hair products. They also help give products a gel-like consistency like the one found in hairsprays, hair mousse, hair gels and conditioners. Phthalates also help increase a product’s ability to spread quickly.

2. Get Paraben Free Shampoos From Hask

If you have a sensitive scalp or suffer from a skin condition like eczema or dermatitis, it may be wise to insist on a paraben-free shampoo. Though most beauty products use preservatives to increase their shelf life, options free from parabens are better and safer. You can get such chemical-free products from Hask Beauty.  

3. What Are Parabens? 

Parabens are chemicals in products that act as a preservative to prevent bacteria, fungi and microbes from growing. They help prolong the shelf life of numerous products, including deodorants, shampoos, lipsticks, conditioners, beauty, personal care and pharmaceutical products. Parabens have been known to trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate certain skin conditions, including acne and other painful breakouts.

Benefits Of Buying Hair Care Products That Don’t Contain Sulfates 

Sulfates are responsible for stripping hair of its natural oils and color, leaving it dry. Dry hair is prone to breakage and tangling, so it’s in your best interest to ensure that your hair care products do not contain any sulfates.

What Are Sulfates? 

Sulfates are chemicals found in cleaning agents or detergents that are useful in breaking down dirt and grime. They help create a foamy effect in shampoos and body washes. The cleaning is so thorough that it strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp, the sulfate-free shampoo will do you a lot of good. Sulfates significantly contribute to scalp irritation leading to hair damage, hair thinning or loss. Hair dryness also causes itchiness or redness, which can worsen if you have a skin disease.

Why Is Aluminum Starch Not Recommended In Hair Products?

Dry shampoo comes in handy on oily days as it combats oiliness with its absorbent properties. It is a fine powder that absorbs oil and dirt and comes in spray or powder form. The active ingredient in this shampoo is aluminum starch and silica, which absorb any oil or moisture on the hair and roots.

Too much dryness is harmful as it strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Over-reliance on starch physically removes the surface of the hair shaft leading to damaged, fragile hair that begins to break. If you must use dry shampoo, you shouldn’t use it as your regular option. The good news is that all of Hask’s wide-range hair products don’t have aluminum starch, so you don’t have to worry about hair damage.


1. Why Are Shampoos With Phthalates Harmful? 

Use cosmetic products containing phthalates in small regulated doses. Daily use of products with high quantities of phthalates for prolonged periods is harmful and should be discouraged. Since the toxic chemical is present in perfumes, shampoos, face wash, hair sprays and even body lotions, its exposure becomes inevitable.

Phthalates are harmful when used in hair products because prolonged use can lead to challenges, including:

  • They can cause obesity
  • Trigger asthma
  • Lead to congenital disabilities
  • Exacerbate allergic reactions  

2. How Often Should I Shampoo?

It is recommended that hair should be shampooed at least once each week to help remove residue, product build-up and dead skin cells. However, your hair may need more frequent shampooing, depending on your lifestyle. If you are an outdoor person who loves swimming, exercising, or working in dusty outdoor environments, your hair may need a more frequent wash. But, you must be cautious and not overdo it, as this can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

3. How Regularly Should I Deep Condition My Hair? 

It is recommended that you deep condition every month. After shampooing, apply the deep conditioner and ensure it covers the hair from the scalp to the ends. Cover with a plastic cap and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Giving it time allows the conditioner to penetrate deep into the scalp. Rinse out with warm water and let it dry out.

4. Why Is Deep Conditioning Necessary?

Deep conditioning has multiple benefits, providing intense strength and moisture and helping restore some natural oils to your hair. It also helps eliminate dryness and brittleness while enhancing your hair’s luster and volume.

5. How Do I Determine My Hair Type? 

A professional hair stylist can help you identify your hair type by examining individual hair strands to determine how your hair reacts to physical manipulation and treatments. Hair strands differ in diameter, thickness and pattern, as some may be curly or wavy in their natural state. Examining individual strands makes it possible to get the tensile strength and elasticity, which labels the hair as fine, medium or coarse.


Hask’s hair care and body products adhere to strict standards and use the best formulas and ingredients free from sulfates, gluten, phthalates, parabens and aluminum starch. Depending on your need, there’s a wide range of products for all hair types and conditions. These include repairing damaged hair, color enhancement options, thickening, nourishing, purifying, deep moisturizing or smoothening damaged hair and so on. With a proper hair care routine, it is possible to achieve healthy, attractive hair.