Is Fila A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Fila has made a strong comeback after initially experiencing pushback. The brand appears to be retaining its popularity.

We have all wondered whether Fila is a good brand, but as you will see in the article, the company has gained prominence again.

It has the perfect streetwear for unrivaled comfort. It is the perfect streetwear for fashion influencers or nursing students who need to be on their feet all day.

We will discuss in this article Fila, its history, and the reason behind its popularity.

About The Brand

A sporting company, Fila Holdings Corp., or Fila, is a company that manufactures footwear and clothing. Ettore and Giansevero Fila founded the company in Italy in the early 1900s and soon gained international recognition. In the early 2000s, Fila Korea and Cerberus Capital Management acquired the brand.

While the company was originally known for its tennis apparel in the 1970s, it now offers sports apparel and accessories for a wide range of sports, including jogging, training, golf, and others. 

While keeping up with the latest technology in athletic design, the company remains true to its time-honored European style and dresses highly accredited artists and professionals worldwide.

Origin Of The Brand

It was established in 1911 by two Italian brothers, Ettore and Giansevero, in Biella, Piedmont, Italy, as a sportswear company. However, two American corporations purchased the brand in 2003. It quickly became a global leader in athletic and leisure footwear and clothing. 

Fila is proud of its Italian heritage, and all its designs incorporate its heritage, even though the company manufactures international standard footwear and clothes for sports and professional artists.

The Rise, The Fall, And The Major Comeback Of The Brand

As a result of its slow development, Fila has gone through every stage of development since it was founded. Despite failing in the 1970s, they were fortunate in that they were able to make a tremendous comeback after developing traction and gaining an international reputation because of their slow progress.

Here is a brief overview of the brand’s history.

1. The Rise

The Italian brothers started the company to ensure that each piece was flawless. As a result, the brand gained rapid popularity soon after its introduction. Before long, the company’s sales numbers had reached beyond its borders.

During the 1940s, athletics and high fashion had a seamless relationship, as they do today. However, there was a huge disparity in athletics and limited choice. 

Fratelli Fila merged two years after realizing the potential of the brand. This agreement united the two businesses and facilitated their direct invasion.

In the years before the 1970s, the athletic market became considerably more competitive. The brand was soon forced to make a crucial decision to continue flourishing.

Because of this, the corporation hired Enrico Frachey in 1968. As a result, Fila made a big splash by sponsoring tennis. However, their popularity was short-lived. As a result, the brand did not seem to be moving forward.

2. The Fall

It was decided to use affiliate marketing because the brand was not getting traction. As Tupac appreciated the Grant Hill shoe, they desired to develop something similar to Nike. It didn’t work out.

Fila could not achieve the same level of success as Nike and Adidas, two of its competitors at the time.

They sold products but weren’t viewed as a good brand.

4. The Comeback 

A wonderful thing happened for the brand in 2016 when Gosha Rubchinskiy embraced Italian footwear companies such as Fila. The Russian artist staked a claim to reunite Europe by embracing Italian footwear companies such as Fila. 

Fila’s iconic emblem appeared on hoodies with Rubchinskiy’s name in Cyrillic. And the designer himself took a bow in a green collaboration jumper. With that, Fila was once again fashionable.

However, it is important to note that Fila’s quality is a fundamental reason it has maintained its position even after five years. Both their interior and external designs have won over customers. They’re a fan favorite thanks to their clean layout and high-quality construction.

What Makes Fila A Good Brand

After its first breakthrough, Fila encountered pushback and remained a low-key brand for quite some time. 

Fila was an underrated brand for most of its existence, but it has made a comeback in the last decade and has been running strong for over five years. Despite not being able to establish itself on the market until recently, they have always provided athletes and fashion icons with high-quality shoes and apparel. 

One of the primary reasons the company is regarded as a good brand is its ability to seize opportunities and turn them around. However, the company is most notable for its ability to provide high-quality shoes with the appropriate comfort level.

1. Strong Comeback

The Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy put Italian labels Kappa and Fila together in the middle of 2016, and that’s when Fila became popular. 

After recognizing the situation’s potential, the brand chose to resurrect itself. With the help of effective marketing and production tools, they maintained their newfound fame and earned even more. 

Due to its ability to take advantage of bad situations, this brand is great from a business perspective.

2. Quality Shoes

Several of these shoes have sleek, stylish designs and appear compelling, but they are not flashy. This makes this brand a great choice from a customer’s perspective.

In addition, these shoes feature an ergonomic design that makes them extraordinarily comfortable to wear daily.

Despite its popularity, the brand is regarded as a great choice due to its high quality. Consumers prefer comfort over fashion, and that’s why this brand is highly regarded. 

This brand is undeniably one of the best on the market. Although it took them a while to establish themselves on the market, they are here to stay.

Fila shoes are high-sellings products, and it is recommended to try them only once, and surely the same won’t disappoint you.

3. Soft And Comfortable Fabric

In addition to using high-quality fabrics for its clothing, Fila is one of the brands that prioritize comfort when it comes to clothing. According to them, the most unfashionable fashion trends are those that don’t go with anything else. Who wants to look like a yellow egg when there is something else to wear? Fila products use different shades, so customers are less likely to find someone wearing the same shirt. Fila products stick to versatile colors and look great on everything.


If you still wonder whether Fila is a good brand, we assure you it is. 

Fila is a fantastic brand with an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality shoes, based on how the brand made an unexpected comeback and consistently produced high-quality shoes. Fila is the most underrated design ever made. People may say they want something new and different, but they stick to what works. Minimalist designs are the best for fashion because they can be worn with other clothing pieces and never go out of style.


1. Is Fila Good Quality

The Fila men’s shoes are cool and decent. Whether you’re looking for running shoes or chic sneakers, this brand offers lots.

A good pair of shoes that are both comfortable and durable is what all men look for. Fila shoes for men are a decent choice if you are looking for these qualities and have a limited budget. In addition to being light and sporty, the brand’s shoes also boost one’s performance when running, for example. The shoes are comfortable and have an amazing fit, so men can wear them daily without worrying about wear and tear. There are also some color options available in them. We all know that men usually have eclectic collections of shoes, and this brand’s products also meet those requirements, which are affordable, smart-looking, and easy to wear.

They prefer quality over quantity, and their customers are always returning.

2. What Is Fila Best Known For?

Since 1923, Fila has been making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, primarily underwear. In the 1970s, the brand became more popular after becoming an endorsement partner with tennis player Björn Borg. Fila was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy, in the foothills. With its heritage Italian design DNA and modern performance wear, Fila is a worldwide leader in sports and lifestyle shoes and apparel.

3. What Rank Is Fila?

It manufactures sportswear for athletes, men, women, and kids. Fila’s brand is ranked #944 on the Global Best Brands list, a carefully curated list of recognized brands based on customer reviews. Fila ranks #81 among other organizations in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Fila ranks seventh in NPS among its major competitors, while Brooks Running ranks first, and Vans ranks second.

4. Is Fila A Streetwear Brand?

Yes. It’s a streetwear brand. Many streetwear brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans, create casual and comfortable clothing rather than designer clothes. Fila is also known for creating casual and comfortable clothing like these streetwear brands.