Is EVGA A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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It can be difficult to choose the right GPU or brand owing to the number of options in the market, which is why we felt the need to review a renowned player in the market, EVGA, to help you make the best purchase decision. Our article will provide all the information you need to know, including what sets this brand apart. Remember, your computer GPU is just as important as its CPU and microprocessors; therefore, the brand you settle for matters. However, before we delve deeper into this, let’s give you a brief history of EVGA.

EVGA was founded over 2 decades ago, i.e., in April 1999 in California, USA. It started as a close partner of NVIDIA, one of the world’s most renowned microprocessor and GPU brands. In case you are wondering, EVGA has been a great success for NVIDIA and is currently known for NVIDIA graphics cards, coolers, power supplies, motherboards, and PC peripherals. Now that you have a brief history of this brand, it is time to find out just how good it is and whether you can trust it to fulfill your GPU needs.

How To Identify A Good CPU Brand

What shows that a certain CPU brand is worth your time or money? This important part of our article should help you make the best purchase decision. Note that certain things are worth looking out for before spending lots of money on a poor-performing GPU. Let’s find out!

1. The Cooler’s Design

You first must determine whether the coolers are well-designed since these components greatly affect your GPU’s performance. They also dictate whether your GPU can overclock, a feature that helps increase performance without overheating your system. We will find out EVGA’s cooler designs, which should help us determine whether it is a good brand.

2. Pricing

Even though GPUs are costly, they shouldn’t be ridiculously priced. Note that there are several options in the market, which means a variety to choose from when making a purchase decision. To know whether a GPU is fairly priced, please compare its price listing to competing designs from original manufacturers such as NVIDIA, MSI, or AMD. Original manufacturers mostly sell high-end designs, meaning that an alternative brand should sell their products at a slightly cheaper rate.

3. Warranty

GPUs are expensive, with some going for thousands of dollars. For such an amount, you should expect a warranty cover in case your purchase fails through no fault of your own. Make sure you get one with a warranty cover, whose conditions you should read through before making a purchase. Fortunately, most high-end brands have a great warranty, which should incentivize you to invest in their products and designs.

4. Product Quality

Nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a poorly built product. Product quality matters as it influences other factors, such as durability. A good brand should invest in quality products that meet user specifications and needs. Most tech companies that have been in the business for decades and are still thriving understand that quality is important and cannot, therefore, be a compromise. Excellent product quality also means value for money, which everyone wants. This is an important factor that everyone should determine before spending their hard-earned money on any product.

5. Customer Service

Customer service goes hand in hand with product quality. A brand with poor customer relations can’t retain customers or build a loyal following, even if its product quality is top-notch. A good brand should see the value in its customers and treat them in a way that reflects that value. The support representatives or customer care professionals should be patient, polite, and prepared to resolve any customer queries expeditiously.

Is EVGA A Good Brand?

To help you answer this question, let’s look at what EVGA brings to the table. You will then be able to decide for yourself and, hopefully, make a great purchase decision.

1. Performance

Performance is everything when it comes to a GPU. Fortunately, EVGA uses high-quality coolers in its GPUs, ensuring users enjoy a top-notch performance. The only problem is that it significantly increases the price, which is pretty understandable given that these are high-end GPUs. To shed light on the above phenomenon, it is important to mention that EVGA offers three types of coolers with different performances, i.e., custom water cooling, Hybrid AIO (Water, Air), and 2,5+ Slot Triple Air Cooler.

Note that these also bring about a price difference. The first, Custom Water Cooling, is the most high-end of the three, making it the most expensive. It is known for its ability to allow higher power limits without too much increase in temperature, keeping the system below 60 degrees Celsius. It also creates higher boost clocks. The second type, Hybrid AIO, is quite similar to the first. The third option is the cheapest and features GPUs with a triple air-cooling solution. They are usually hotter and may not be as good as the other two.

Owing to these three options, we can say that EVGA performs pretty well, even compared to most of its competitors. Therefore, if your priority is on performance, then EVGA qualifies as a good brand.

2. Trade-in Program

This brand has a trade-in Program, which makes it outstanding. The EVGA Step-Up Upgrade program allows you to upgrade your graphics card if a new one is released within 90 days of the former’s purchase. You only have to send the card and pay the price difference to have a new graphics card with better performance. Isn’t that a steal?

EVGA, therefore, ensures you do not miss out on newer versions of GPUs if you are worried about falling behind.

3. GPU Overclocking

Overclocking allows you to gradually increase your video card’s clock speed and boost its performance. It increases its core frequency and tests its stability simultaneously through a benchmarking tool to ensure it doesn’t overheat. You are in luck when you buy a GPU from EVGA as it supports this function, thanks to its unique designs, i.e., triple-slot, hybrid air/liquid, and standard dual-slot GPU cooler designs. You can definitely tell that EVGA is a high performer.

4. Warranty

Warranty covers are important and should therefore inform your purchase decision. Given the price range of EVGA’s GPUs, it is only right that you get one upon purchase. Fortunately, this brand offers its customers some warranty. You get 90 days- 3 years cover depending on the type of GPU you purchase, even though most of them come with the 3 years cover. This is a great offering that you should take advantage of.

We can confidently say that EVGA is a good brand based on the four factors above. It produces powerful and high-performing cooler designs that allow users to enjoy relatively better performance. The brand also offers a warranty and a trade-up option to ensure that its customers are not left behind, which is great.

Best EVGA Graphics Cards

EVGA produces graphics cards with cutting-edge technology that can offer users the level of performance and convenience they need. Here are some of the special graphics cards from this brand:

1. GeForce RTX 30 Series

This series of graphics cards has several features that users love. They include ARGB choices, improved fan bearings, a better cooling solution, and a more streamlined design. They include the RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 graphics cards powered by the NVIDIA architecture.

Other features include upgraded RT and Tensor Cores, super-fast G6 memory, and novel multiprocessors.

2. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

This is one of the most popular graphics used by gaming enthusiasts, thanks to its stunning visuals. It is supported by the NVIDIA Pascal architecture and supports HD visuals. Users enjoy power, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


From our discussion, it is evident that EVGA is an excellent brand. You get not only high-performing products but also well-designed and high-quality options. Its GPUs are also based on the NVIDIA architecture, which should be enough incentive.


1. Does EVGA Make Other Things Other Than GPUs?

Yes. EVGA makes several products, even though they are mostly known for GPUs. They have power supplies that come with warranties of up to 10 years. This brand also makes gaming laptops, with the first being released in 2016. Its most common gaming laptops are EVGA SC17 1070 and EVGA SC17 1080.

2. When Does EVGA’s Warranty Become Active?

EVGA offers a warranty for all its devices, the minimum duration being 3 years. Its warranty policy officially began in July 2011 and covers products immediately upon purchase, which should be from an official dealer. The company revised its warranty policy in 2018, dictating that users must provide proof of purchase for products purchased from May 2018.

3. Does The EVGA Warranty Apply To Second-Hand Owners

Yes. However, second-hand product warranties are usually shorter than the stipulated duration. Also, the revised policy of 2018 dictates that second-hand owners must offer proof of purchase from an eligible owner to help the company determine when the purchase happened.

4. Where Is EVGA Headquartered?

EVGA is headquartered in California, USA. It is an American firm that deals in computer hardware such as motherboards, gaming laptops, and power supplies.