Is Duralast A Good Brand for Car Parts: In Detail Discussion

Suppose you’re driving your car to go to a tour or office, and your vehicle is just stuck in the middle of the road. Your car has stopped working due to parts damage. How awful the situation is! A quality parts replacement can give you relaxation from this situation. Duralast is here to provide you with the best. However, a question may come to your mind – is Duralast a good brand for car parts?

Duralast is a famous car parts brand name; you can undoubtedly trust it. Duralast car parts mean you get quality products, a warranty, and satisfaction. The brand has conquered one of the top places through devotion, passion, and service. From real-life users’ and experts’ opinions, we assure you – it’s a trustworthy brand.

You are getting Duralast Company and its parts’ alpha and omega from us. So be patient and calm; we won’t make you disappointed.

An Overview Of The Duralast Company

Thirty-six years ago, in 1986, Duralast started the journey in the aftermarket with starters and alternators. This industry-leading brand produces quality parts in more than 20 categories. In addition, Duralast can provide the most reliable and trustworthy service in getting a repair, service, and replacing your parts.

Why Is The Duralast Brand Worth Your Attention?

If you have never heard about Duralast or just listened to it a little, many questions may arise in your mind about its quality, warranty, and price. We will remove all questions in your mind by answering Duralast products and other concerned details.

1. Verified Quality

Only a person who has not used Duralast parts can doubt their quality. An existing user can never do so. Because the brand has verified its quality and people are the testimony. Top manufacturing, super quality control, and authentic raw materials are the keys to ensuring quality.

2. Tested Performance

What you say, you must prove in practice. There is no way to escape from this. So, Duralast authority ensures solid performance by their expert engineers. Therefore, you need not worry about your replacement parts’ quality. It’s the responsibility of Duralast brands.

3. Vast Coverage

Finding other brands, you may not get a proper replacement in them after trying a lot. But when you turn to Duralast, it will most likely cover your needs. Including local, imported, light, and medium-type cars, it covers almost 90% of the vehicles. A car is on the road; it is under Duralasts coverage. One brand offers all your necessary solutions.

4. Expected Protection

Once you are using the Duralast part, leave all your protection worries. You are with the most reliable brand that offers a lot of lifetime warranties and guarantees and takes care of you by providing genuine service.

Duralasts Relationship With Autozone

Some may wonder why Duralast performs its operation under AutoZone. The fact is the company is a privately labeled brand of AutoZone. AutoZone does all of Duralast’s parts business. In short, Duralast is the child company of AutoZone.

What Type Of Products Does The Duralast Sell?

When it comes to the question of car parts, you are seeking one single, easy solution; Duralast – one name is enough here. The company covers all types of car parts, whether local or foreign.

Duralast sells car parts in more than twenty categories. The main categories and products are – Windshield, Battery, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Fuse, Battery Terminal Protector Washer, Belt, Socket, Thermostat, Starters, Radiators, Hub Assemblies, Sockets/ Struts, Ignition Coil, Water Pump, Brake Caliper, etc.

The company offers a toolset that can help you in any circumstance. We are covering this section in a more significant portion a few phases later.

1. Duralast Brake Pads

A buyer will find some variations in Duralast’s Brake Pads. This variation may make the buyer confused. So we are making it crystal clear. The parts company offers you Duralast, Duralast Gold, Duralast Max, Duralast Elite, Duralast GT Street, etc.

  • Duralast is semi-metallic or organic build and OEM-type performance.
  • Duralast Gold – is OEM type performance and design and semi-metallic or ceramic build.
  • Duralast Max is better than Duralast in design, performance, and ceramic build.
  • Duralast Elite is better than Duralast Max, ceramic-build, and copper-free.
  • Duralast GT Street – It includes a performance pad for applications.

The above order is upon quality and price and low to high price. Select one of the types as per your need.

2. Duralast Batteries

America’s #1 battery is the Duralast battery. It can perform in extreme conditions like hot, cold, or vibration. In no way can you underestimate the batteries. It offers significant variations in batteries for different cars. The company’s primary batteries are – Duralast Platinum ( with AGM and EFB technology), Duralast Gold, and Duralast.

You can use these batteries without worry because these batteries are original-like or even more powerful. Besides, a Duralast battery ensures more strength and a super good starting time. The whole battery components are made with solid elements to last more, perform more, and extend good service.

You can use a Duralast battery for original equipment (OE) type performance, Duralast Gold for OE plus efficiency, and Platinum batteries for more electronics carrying cars.

3. Duralast Tools

You need to have various tools for repairing your car. You can have a box or set of tools from Duralast with a lifetime warranty. Amazingly, the company also offers solid-build, professional grade 500-plus tools with replacement guarantees if they fail to work.

Expert engineers have made these tools last longer, work rapidly, and feel handy for everyone. The more notable features of these tools are – a chrome plated finish for easy cleaning and decay resistance, complete control in hand, and drop-forge steel made to increase strength and lifespan.

Where And How To Buy Duralast Parts?

In AutoZone’s 6000+ stores in America, Mexico, and Brazil, you can get Duralast parts. Besides, all parts are available online. You can buy it online, including your car-related info, on Duralast’s official website. After ordering online, you have to pick the parts from your nearby shop. In addition, the parts brand offers next-day home delivery for some selected products. Moreover, you can buy Duralast’s products from Amazon, eBay, and other popular online shops.

Is The Duralast Parts Price Worth Its Hype?

Considering the hype, you will find the Duralast parts are the value-for-money deal. You can trust them with a lifetime and long-term reputation. It is worth the hype in the market and users.

What Do The Real-Time Users Say About Duralast Parts?

In various forums, we have found too many users praising Duralast parts. They used Duralast parts and found them solid, worth replacing, and not overpriced.


What you may not think right now, many people have thought about it earlier. To help you more, we have some common questions and answers by naming FAQs.

1. What Company Makes Duralast Parts?

Johnson Controls, East Penn, Exide, and some other brands make Duralast products under the supervision of the AutoZone brand.

2. Is Duralast A Ford Product?

No, Duralast is not a Ford product. It’s an Autozen product. You can get Duralast products in AutoZone stores and online.

3. Does Duralast Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Duralast provides a lifetime warranty. You can get it from AutoZen’s service centers. For your kind information, Autozen is the biggest automotive car parts seller in the USA. So you can trust its services and products.

4. Is Duralast An Autozone Brand?

Yes, Duralast is an AutoZone brand. AutoZone sells all Duralast products and provides other related services.


We presented all authentic and trustworthy information so that you can better understand Duralast and its parts. Additionally, we hope you will succeed in choosing the right parts replacement and remove questions like – is Duralast a good brand for car parts or something else? Based on our research, real-time user experience, and expert opinions, we highly recommend Duralast parts.

Yet if you have any confusion, read our content more times and finally, if it is an emergency, get consultancy from your nearby Duralast repairing centers. You may leave a message or comment to get more information.

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