Is Citizen A Good Watch Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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You may have heard the name Citizen or probably have seen this name on a watch dial. Or maybe one of your friends has suggested it to you, or you find it in search results on Amazon while shopping for a new watch.

But all this raises the Question, “Is Citizen a Good Watch Brand”? Read along to get to know everything about Citizen.

Innovation, Creativity, and excellence are some of the defining attributes of the brand Citizen. Since they have been operating worldwide for over 85 years, Citizen is one of the world’s largest watch companies, producing millions of watches yearly.

With a long-stated history in the watchmaking industry, Citizen has earned its reputation for quality through decades of spending in global manufacturing and marketing watches to consumers.

Citizen watches are defined for their simplicity, aesthetic designs, sleekness, affordability, and ability to complement any outfit together.

The brand received great appreciation for its quality craftsmanship, adding to its popularity and credibility.

Before heading on to the final decision of whether Citizen is a good brand or not? Let’s go behind and learn what Citizen is and how it started. 

What Are Citizen Watches?

Citizen is a Japanese-based Electronic Company that primarily deals in luxury watches. It operates in over 130 countries worldwide. 

The world’s largest watchmaking company, Japan’s Citizen, has been operating in the market for decades. However, their vintage collections are well-respected for their price range. Still, recently, they overturned the conventional thinking and made most of their timepieces powered with Eco-Drive technology, thus making all of their watches solar-powered quartz. This reduces the hassle of replacing batteries to a great extent. 

Eco-Drive watches are famous for their longevity, ability to last for months or more on a single charge, and able to go decades before a battery change is required.

Citizen is a vertically integrated Company meaning it does all its production and manufacturing in-house, from crafting individual watch components to final assembly.

As they have been operating for over 100 years, Citizen always opts for innovations to revolutionize and change the world of watches. 

The Citizen Watch company is best known for its high-tech timepieces. The brand is widely appreciated in terms of quality, structure, prestige, recognition, and resale value.

Being a leader in innovative technologies, Citizen has truly reached its place amongst the great watchmakers of this century.

Citizen Brief History

Citizen was founded in 1918 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. The company endorses the idea of incorporating innovative technologies and advanced features into its watches. 

Its history dates back to humble beginnings in Japan. Since then, the brand has become a global name.

The company has always been driven to offer something unique and innovative. As a result, tremendous efforts are put in to provide beautiful designs, stunning features, and various options to suit every Citizen’s taste.

Their Eco-Drive movement technology makes Citizen Watches more demanding. These watches are powered by light (artificial or natural) and feature a substantial six-month power reserve (or longer) once fully charged.

What Makes Citizen A Good Watch Brand? 

Citizen watches are a highly-recognized brand that has been around for over a century. Whether you want a watch for everyday wear or something sophisticated, Citizen has a model to suit your needs. With respect to being consistent with quality design and eco-friendly materials, Citizen watches impress anyone who sees them on your wrist.

Few reasons Why Citizen is a Good Brand. Everything you need to know.

Citizen has produced outstanding mechanical timepieces, a breakthrough in the Japanese watch industry. Citizen has established its name for high-quality and reliable watches. Their watches are aesthetically pleasing and technically innovative. Their Eco-Drive watches, particularly, are gaining popularity.

1. Citizen Watches Are Aesthetically Appealing.

The physical build quality of Citizen Watches will amaze you. Citizen watches provide a great balance of value and quality. The watches have top-rate build quality with solid materials usage. 

Most Citizen Watches are made with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium. Quality watches can withstand even the most rigorous conditions, whether wet or dry, hot or cold.

They come in different colors, like silver, black or white, with leather straps or metal bracelets. Few watch brands are vertically integrated, like Citizen, so they control every aspect of their watch production.

2. Citizen Watches Are Reliable And Long-Lasting.

Citizen is well known for its accuracy and reliability. Its radio-controlled watch uses atomic timekeeping technology (an automatic time adjustment feature that will automatically sync itself every day), making it among the most reliable pieces on the market. 

The watch uses radio waves to catch a signal of the accurate day, time, and date from an atomic clock. Utilizing this technology, the margin of error is the least; just one second in 100,000 years. 

This perfect accuracy makes Citizen’s timepieces perfect for those who value their time above all other factors.

3.  Citizen Watches Are The Best In Quality.

There is no argument about the quality of watches manufactured by citizens. They are not simply good but “great” and “awesome” even.

Citizen watches are perfectly manufactured, keeping in mind their quality and accurate performance. Their build quality is solid and decent. Every watch is designed with precision and care, using good quality materials to ensure each piece matches the highest standard. All of the components in a Citizen watch are top-notch, from the movement to the case and strap.

4.  Citizen Watches Are Water Resistant.

Among many other factors, a good amount of people choose watches that have a water-resistant feature. The citizen water resistance feature is the most compelling aspect for any consumer.

Whether you are headed for a beach vacation, are a diving enthusiast, or are just curious about water resistance, the good news is you can wear your Citizen watches fearlessly.

Various models and designs of watches are specifically engineered for heavy water usage. They can withstand different levels of water exposure, whether you’re looking for a watch to wear while swimming or one that can withstand splashes and rain.

5. Citizen Watches Are Versatile In Design.

Citizen watches are designed keeping in mind modern consumer preferences. Their sleek, minimalist aesthetic is perfect for those who want a stylish look that doesn’t compromise function.

The brand offers various watches for any taste and fashion style. Citizen has an expansive range from high-tech diving watches to simple everyday dress pieces. Citizen has a timepiece for you, whether you like an ordinary decent timepiece, enjoy glitz and glamour, or see your watch simply as a time tool.

6.  Citizen Watches Are Affordable. 

One of the fascinating features of Citizen is its affordability. They are highly regarded as an affordable brand in the consumer watch category and with many of its watches selling for a few hundred dollars or less many watches selling for under $100.

In terms of price, you will have no difficulty finding a watch model that fits your budget. Citizen watches are highly affordable, with many models in your budget.

The brand offers watches of varying price ranges in all of its collections, whether diving watches or classic dress models. This excites you to pick whichever style or timepiece you like, not limiting your choices and allowing you to experiment with your preferences.

7.  They Are Best Known For Their Eco-Drive Solar Technology

The Eco-drive lineup is Citizen’s latest innovation in the watchmaking category- “A watch that never needs a battery.” Wouldn’t you prefer a watch that never stops ticking?

Eco-Drive is a light-driven technology developed by Citizens that uses energy from any light source, artificial or natural. The technology allows your watch to convert both artificial and sunlight into energy used to power the timepiece.


Citizen watches are famous worldwide for their cutting-edge technology, distinctive features, affordability, premium functionality, and high-grade material usage. 

You can rely on your Citizen watch from professional-level watches to sophisticated everyday wear in all price ranges.

Made from innovative and durable materials such as Super Titanium, Citizen is also a forerunner when it comes to ecologically responsible watches. 

Citizen’s Eco-Drive light drive is a well-appreciated feature that makes it stand out among other watch brands in the market.


1. How long the citizen do the watches last?

As a light power pioneer in the field of watches, the Eco-drive watches last for decades by consuming light and converting it into energy using an inbuilt solar cell.

On a full charge, an Eco-Drive watch runs for months, even in darkness, with no need for regular battery replacement.

2. Is Citizen a good watch brand?

Citizen watches are a good combination of durability, value, affordability, and quality craftsmanship.

These watches are powered with light with an innovative Eco-drive movement (a light-driven technology) that lasts for several years.

3. What is citizen watch famous for?

Citizen is the core company of the Japanese corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. It was the first to launch the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993 and has remained a pioneer in this field. 

Synchronized to atomic clocks, these watches are accurate within one second in one hundred thousand years.