Is Carhartt A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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There are several clothing companies worldwide, and unless one settles for the renowned ones or the so-called ‘designer brands,’ it can be hard to determine which ones offer value for money. It’s, therefore, important to find out as much information as possible about a clothing company or brand before trying out their apparel or reviewing their offerings.

Our article will look at Carhartt, a workwear brand founded over a century ago. Before we go any further, we are compelled to give you a brief history and background information about Carhartt so that you better understand the brand. Let’s get right into our article.

What Is Carhartt?

Carhartt is a rugged outdoor apparel company founded by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit, Michigan, in 1889. The brand’s main aim is to make quality clothes that survive harsh conditions such as railroad or outdoor work. It also ventured into streetwear in the late 80s following its collaboration with Tommy Records. This was a huge success as the brand was accepted by the hip-hop world. Some of the famous rappers that have been spotted wearing this brand’s clothing include Nas, Tupac, and Eazy-E.

However, before you pass judgment based on that, allow us to dissect this brand and see whether it is worth your attention or money. Is Carhartt a brand worth buying? Will it give you value for money?

Carhartt Products’ Specifications

1. Durability

There is no pointer for value for money than durability, especially for rugged or outdoor wear. According to Carhartt, it uses rugged flex technology, which makes movement easier. Those wearing Carhartt apparel enjoy an extra stretch needed when they crouch, kneel, bend or move. This helps prevent any tears. However, what is rugged flex technology all about?

To unlock the Rugged Flex technology, the clothing brand uses a material infused with spandex in areas that need more flexibility, such as the knees. The material is also easy to clean, a huge advantage for those who engage in ‘dirty’ work. What about outdoor workers? Well, Carhartt offers water-resistant products for outdoor workers so that they can remain dry.

Note that Carhartt also allows people who have owned their products for a long to send them back to the company if they have problems such as torn straps, broken zippers, and missing buttons. This is to ensure that their purchases are used for a long duration. However, this does not happen for every piece of clothing, so it’s best to confirm with the brand.

2. Quality

Quality matters as it affects a range of factors, including durability, which we mentioned in our first point. Carhartt brands itself as an apparel brand for the working class and promises products that meet their expectations. According to the reviews and customer feedback we have seen, this brand seems to deliver on its quality promise. However, you will have to pay a higher amount to enjoy the quality of their products.

3. Design

Design is also important when choosing a clothing brand. Note that Carhartt does not try to replicate current or past fashion trends but focuses on producing timeless designs that can be passed down to as many people as possible. Most of their products, therefore, have a simple design making them easier to pair with other clothing. Their most popular pieces are made of single-tone fabrics with only the right amount of detail.

We must also mention that most of Carhartt’s products have neutral and earth tones; therefore, expect to choose from beige, gray, brown, or beige shades. This means that you will easily pair your product with other vibrant colors if you love the latter. If you are looking for something too trendy, Carhartt is not your brand.

4. Materials

You must consider the type of materials a company uses when shopping for clothes and apparel. Luckily, Carhartt uses sustainable materials, a switch they made in 2019 when they adopted organic cotton for their products. This further proves their mindfulness for the environment given that this type of cotton isn’t grown with harsh chemicals and produces almost 50% less Carbon (IV) dioxide than normal cotton.

5. Product Appeal

Do the products sold by the company appeal to different styles, or will you be limited to one style? This is a question worth asking before settling for a brand. From available reviews, it seems that Carhartt’s products appeal to different styles owing to its wide stylish catalogs, which may explain why several celebrities wear them.

6. Price

Carhartt’s products don’t come cheap and may not be the best option if you are looking for something cost-friendly. A jacket or pair of pants will cost you $100 or more, which is relatively expensive compared to other brands. This high price tag may be attributed to the quality of the products this brand produces.

From what we have covered, we can deduce that some of the pros of buying Carhartt products include the following:

  • They allow for easy layering thanks to their neutral colors
  • They are built to last
  • They offer value for money, i.e., the value you get matches the price you pay
  • They are made of organic cotton, which is way better than normal cotton
  • They are of utmost quality thanks to the level of craftsmanship employed

Before we answer whether this is a good brand or not, let’s look at some of its shortcomings if any:

  • Fit inconsistencies- From online reviews, several people are complaining of fit inconsistencies. This can be heavily inconvenient for several shoppers.
  • Less slim fit sizing– You must have noticed that most Carhart products are in larger sizes, which means people who prefer slim fit sizing may not get what they want, and if they do, their options are always limited.

From the look of things, the pros outweigh the cons, which is a good indicator.

7. Carhartt Sustainability Efforts

Carhartt seems to be mindful of the environment based on some of its initiatives. It introduced a full line of sustainable clothing for people worried about the environment, which still looks as good as their normal offerings. The products are also made to last longer, so that buyers do not have to buy clothes regularly; which comes with one advantage- they don’t recycle lots of clothes.

The brand decided to switch to organic cotton as the main material for its products in 2019, a decision that remains one of its biggest when it comes to environmental conservation. It is also in line with its well-known slogan and idea of an honest product for an honest dollar. Organic cotton, like other organic products, is grown devoid of harsh chemicals, making them safer for the environment than conventional cotton. Better yet, its carbon emission is 46% lesser than that of normal cotton.

Note that the chemicals used to grow normal cotton also affect human beings. Workers in such farms have reported cases of asthma, poisoning, cancer, miscarriages, and congenital disabilities, which should be an issue of concern. By switching to environmentally friendly products, Carhartt is also indirectly protecting the general population.

Additionally, Carhartt hasn’t been left behind in the rush by companies to adopt green energy. Its head offices went green thanks to the solar panels installed on the roofs. That’s something worth noting. Lastly, the company started making its packages from 77% recycled materials, which like all the other decisions, was a great step.

8. Carhartt Charity Efforts

To gauge whether Carhartt is a good brand, we found it helpful to include some of the ways it has helped the local community, which in this case refers to Detroit. This brand is known for its partnership with One Warm Coat, an organization known to touch the lives of the needy by furnishing them with warm clothing. Through their partnership, Carhartt offers new clothes and donations from its customers and employees to One Warm Coat, which distributes them. The latter even expanded its operations to Texas and Louisiana during Hurricane Harvey.

Other organizations that Carhartt has partnered with to change the lives of the community around it include Future Farmers of America, Convoy of Hope, SkillsUSA, Grow Detroit’s Young Talent, National Park Foundation, and Team Rubicon.


Is Carhartt a good brand or not? Based on our discussion, Carhartt is a good brand. It produces quality products and is concerned with both the environment and the community, thanks to some of its initiatives we have covered. However, note that Carhartt’s products don’t come cheap; therefore, you may have to reach deeper into your pockets.


1. Does Carhartt Only Produce Rugged/ Outdoor/ Work Clothes?

No. Carhartt has a range of products, including streetwear. You must have seen several famous rappers wearing some of its products. However, it’s important to note that this brand was purely started for the working man.

2. Why Are Carhartt’s Products Expensive?

This brand sells quality clothing meant to last for generations, if possible. It, therefore, uses premium materials to create its products, which explains its steep price range.

3. Where Can I Get Carhart Products?

You can buy this brand’s products directly from their website or order them on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon.