Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Over the course of its long history, Bulova has carved a space for itself in American culture and become one of the top watch brands in the nation. The company is still running strong and provides both novices and watch experts with extensive curiosity and value. 

The company has outfitted both warriors and astronauts. It has raised a hotly debated topic: is Bulova a good watch brand? Even though Bulova is not a luxury brand, its timepieces offer outstanding value. 

Let’s take a deeper look at this company and learn more about its history, models, and some of the best Bulova watches to help you decide if Bulova is a good watch brand.

1. Calendar for Bulova

The Graduation of the Bulova Watch Company was established in 1875 by Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova. In 1912, he built the first factory in the area with the specific intention of manufacturing timepieces in massive, uniform volumes.

2. For Men, Their First Line 

After more than seven years, the business eventually presented its first comprehensive range of classic male Bulova watches. The founder of Bulova placed an eat importance on accuracy and invention in addition to its fashionable style, which may account for some of the brand’s fame. As a result, in 1927, he constructed a telescope on the structure’s roof at 580 Fifth Avenue.

3. Their Female Front Line

After opening a shop in the heart of New York City, the company made even more waves with its innovative designs, including the first collection of women’s wristwatches and diamond watches. In 1926, they proclaimed eight o’clock the Bulova Watch Time in the first radio advertisement ever on-air.

4. Greater Range

A well-known aviator, Charles Lindbergh, contributed to their global rise to fame. 

For being the first person to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, he was awarded a $1,000 watch by Bulova, and his likeness was included on the company’s Lone Eagle wristwatch. The Lone Eagle watch, which retailed for $37.50, was their most popular model.

The complicated, analog sports time game clock used in sports like ice hockey and basketball was introduced in the 1940s, helping them advance their reputation. 

Before being taken out of service and replaced with projection screens in the 1970s, several indoor sporting stadiums have employed these, including the Detroit Olympia and the Chicago Stadium. 

Bulova served as a leader in developing high-precision military clocks and other instruments during World War II.

Bulova Watches

Let’s talk about the timepieces Bulova currently produces and make you aware of the company’s fascinating background and all the firsts and advancements it has contributed to. This article also examines what makes them exceptional and the possible potential weaknesses.

1. Craftsmanship

Many people mistakenly believe that more expensive goods are always of superior quality. A product’s price is substantially more affected by its well-organized marketing than its performance. Brand preference is becoming a bigger factor in how much watches cost. 

Experts in horology defend luxury brands’ high price tags as a result. Miyota has created the majority of the quartz and automatic movements used in Bulova watches since Citizen took over in 2008. 

Some of the more widely available timepieces here probably use low-cost movements brought in from Asia. Miyota motions are known for their dependability and durability. They are still fairly accurate, but unless you’re wearing a 262 kHz, you shouldn’t expect them to be as precise as a high-end watch. 

Additionally, some watches appear to have inferior materials and artistry compared to other brands that sell for the same price.

2. Aesthetic

Bulova watches have been produced since the late 1800s and are famous for their classic design. These timepieces are ideal for people who prefer a classic appearance. Bulova manufactures a range of watch models for both men and women. 

Bulova has watches of every taste, whether you want a formal or casual timepiece. In other cases, not all watch experts may find bold and bright designs appealing.

3. Innovation

The Precisionist movement, a quartz movement with exceptionally high precision and a sweeping hand motion resembling automatics is one example of the cutting-edge technology that many Bulova customers like about the brand. 

However, the bulk of Bulova watches has been powered by Miyota quartz or automatic watch movements since Citizen acquired Bulova in 2008. Plus, these movements are famous for their dependability and durability. It won’t be as accurate as a more expensive watch, though.

4. Moisture

The case design, the sapphire, the seals, and other components typically impact the water resistance. Bulova is no different from any other watch company in that some of their watches have differing water resistance levels. 

These numerous levels of water resistance should be familiarized just like with any other watch brand, and you should remember that even a timepiece with a 1000-meter water resistance may malfunction occasionally. So, keep an eye out and be aware of the passing of time, regardless of it being Bulova.

5. Vibration

The Bulova watch company has been manufacturing high-quality, shock-resistant timepieces since the 20th-century start. Their watches continue to rank among the most dependable and durable ones on the market since then. Because their watches are so sturdy, they have become a daily and essential accessory for military personnel and police enforcement officers.

6. Value

A new Bulova watches typically ranges from $50 to $15,000. Bulova provides a wide selection of models at various pricing points. Therefore, whatever your budget, Bulova will have something for you. A few factors determining the value of a vintage or antique Bulova watch age are the type of metal used for the case (gold or platinum), the inclusion of any additional stones (such as diamonds), and the rarity or limited production of the specific model.

Does Bulova Make Reputable Watches? Everything you need to know.

Bulova is a reputable watchmaker with an illustrious heritage and a lengthy history. The Accutron is one of the most well-known Bulova timepieces. In terms of history, it is comparable to the Omega Moon watch. 

Although Bulova’s Accutron made an unofficial appearance on the lunar module, Omega got the job of making the first Moon watch. The Bulova Accutron was brought aboard Apollo 11 by Buzz Aldrin.

Bulova was impacted by the Quartz issue, just like other watchmakers were. Instead of defending themselves, they created their technology on Ultra High-Frequency Quartz technology. 

Sadly, mechanical watches dominated the market for luxury goods, so history was not in their favor.

Best Bulova watches

1. Bulova Marine Star Chronograph

The Bulova Marine Star is a diving watch with a chronograph that meets all requirements for affordability and high quality.

2. Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Men’s Watch

This stunning chronograph watch is one of the best Bulova Precisionist timepieces available. This Precisionist watch’s UHF 262 kHz movement and sweeping second hand deliver exceptional precision.

3. Bulova Lunar Pilot

The Bulova Lunar Pilot is known as a second moon watch. One of only two watches ever worn by individuals who have stepped foot on the moon, the Omega Speed master is held in the greatest regard.

4. Modified Bulova

The Bulova Hack Watch Archive Series is a near-exact copy of vintage military timepieces from the 1960s and 1970s. As one would expect from a highly automated watch, it also contains a contemporary movement and a few other contemporary characteristics. Despite this, Bulova has maintained its affordable prices.

5. Curv chronograph by Bulova Watch in black and titanium

Its color palette is modern gun-metal and rose gold. The watch has an expensive appearance thanks to its skeleton dial. You also notice its rubber strap because you wouldn’t anticipate seeing one on a device of this nature.


1. Do Bulova smart watches Exist?

You might not want to choose Bulova if you need a wristwatch. So, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re interested in that kind of wearable technology because the company doesn’t make them.

2. Is Bulova so expensive?

No, Bulova watches have been offering reasonable rates for a high-end brand since the beginning. From just under $500 to well over $1000 for their most costly versions, Bulova watches are reasonably priced. For good measure, the majority of their best-selling goods range between $300 and $600.

3. Where are Bulova watches made?

The Citizen Watch Co. produces its watches in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Japan despite having offices there and owning Bulova.

4. Is Bulova a premium brand?

Even though the Bulova brand isn’t generally associated with luxury products, the timepieces it offers are of a high enough caliber to consider. So, even if you are tight on budget or looking to buy something specific, you will get something at the most affordable prices possible. The rationale is they typically range in price from $100 to $600.


As Bulova produces one of the greatest and most aesthetically pleasing pieces of exquisite timepieces for their customer, we have seen the history, quality, elements, and style of one of the best watches from the best brand. 

So, we can safely say Bulova is a good and reliable watch company. Therefore, it is recognized as one of the most luxurious watch companies.