Is AOC A Good Monitor Brand? – Everything You Should Know

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Gamers understand the importance of having a great display on their gaming setups, which explains why they are always willing to spend tons of money on them. High-resolution monitors allow you to play graphically intensive games, giving you the thrill and experience every professional gamer seeks. However, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get a good gaming monitor when brands such as AOC produce high-quality monitors that sell at lower prices than other brands. However, it’s still important to find out just how good their monitors are, which we will help you do through our article.

We will furnish you with all the information you need to decide whether AOC is a good monitor brand. Remember, you have to consider several factors to make such a decision, which we will cover in our article. However, before we get into that, let’s give you a brief history of AOC. This company began making monitors in 1988 and has existed for quite some time. It is headquartered in Taiwan and boasts several production facilities around the world. Let’s now find out whether it is a good brand or not.

Are AOC Monitors Great?

The best way to answer this question is to discuss the features of AOC monitors and help you decide.

1. Design

Even though AOC monitors are made of plastic like most of the options in the market, they don’t feel as cheap as other brands. They are also not unnecessarily wide or large, a design that comes in handy if your room is smaller or lacks enough desk space. You will also notice that these monitors have a thin bezel, allowing you to achieve the perfect multi-monitor setup, which most gamers love. Their design ensures everything fits in perfectly, giving you a neat gaming setup.

The only problem you will likely experience with the design is less stability. This is because cheaper monitors are hardly stable, owing to their weak stands. The stand is made of plastic, which can’t fairly compete with those made of other materials such as steel or aluminum. However, note that you won’t experience the instability of the stands if you settle for AOC’s high-end models, which go for up to $1,500.

2. Pricing

AOC entered the market to offer gamers cheaper alternatives, meaning that it has various price ranges to cater for different classes or groups. A quick search of their products reveals that they have monitors selling for under $100 and as high as $1,500+, the latter being the high-end ones, which, as we mentioned, come with extra stability.

It’s worth noting that this brand offers the cheapest 4K monitor in the market, i.e., the UV2879VF, which details at slightly $200, depending on the brand. The only problem is that most of its low-end offerings have limited viewing angles based on the panels used. For example, the UV2879VF uses a TN panel, which causes the problem we just mentioned. It, therefore, means that you have to compromise.

3. Quality

Quality is a big determinant of whether a product, not necessarily a monitor, is great. This brand’s mid-range and high-end monitors come with quality viewing angles, top-notch color reproduction, and impressive contrast ratios, making them decent for creative task performance, gaming, and casual watching. However, this still doesn’t compare to high-end monitors offered by brands such as Apple, which sell for more. You shouldn’t expect anything like what premium brands offer but be assured that you will receive value for money based on AOC monitors’ price range.

4. Customer Support

You may have some problems with your monitor and therefore need someone to help you navigate through or fix it. What do you do? Call customer support. Unfortunately, this brand’s customer support options are limited, which can be a big disadvantage, especially if you need something fixed quickly. You won’t get a chat feature, which normally comes in handy for quick and remote fixes. You will therefore have to wait for a customer support representative to get back to you, which is inconvenient, to say the least.

We also established from different online reviews and forums that the brand’s support staff takes time, sometimes even days, before responding to queries. Can you imagine putting your gaming on hold or using your former monitor while waiting for your brand’s customer representatives to respond? Even if the problem is fixed in the end, the time lost won’t be recovered.

5. Warranty

You should always ensure that you get a warranty whenever you buy any electronics. This is because devices malfunction and may be costly to fix if you lack a warranty. So, does AOC offer a warranty on their devices? Customers get warranty covers for three years whenever they purchase an AOC monitor. However, note that this warranty does not extend to damage or malfunctions caused by accidents or product misuse and only covers malfunctions caused by the manufacturing process. Damages from normal wear and tear are also covered.

Remember that any induced damage will not be covered, which should give you a reason to take great care of your monitor.

6. Gaming

You must be wondering whether these monitors are good for gaming, given the importance of an excellent display in a gaming setup. The truth is OC monitors are great for gaming. You don’t have to get high-end options to enjoy basic or professional gaming. This is because these monitors have a high-resolution display, including 4K, which can help you bring your games to life.

This is where we make a verdict. Do you think AOC is a great brand based on what we have covered? Our answer is yes. This is because this manufacturer offers relatively cheaper monitors that can be used for several functions, such as gaming, viewing movies, and creative work. You can also pick between the low-end, mid-range, and high-end versions based on your preferences and budget. The only thing that needs to be improved is their customer service, which, as we have seen, can be inconvenient. We hope that this will be fixed soon.

Why Are AOC Monitors Great For Gaming?

Before we go any further, it is worth noting that AOC caters to both budget and professional gamers. By budget gamers, we mean those who may not be able to spend much money on high-end monitors and only want to enjoy casual gaming. On the other hand, professional gamers invest in high-end products for competitive gaming.

This brand offers gaming monitors such as the AOC Agon monitor, which was introduced to offer gamers the best experience and help them explore their passion further. This monitor type caters to intensive games such as League of Legends and COD. Note that this monitor has features such as RGB lights at the back of the stand to give you the best gaming experience. It also comes with G-TOOLS, a patent software you can use to customize your monitor. For a complete gaming experience, pair your gaming monitor with the brand’s headset, keyboard, mousepad, and mouse.

Another reason AOC monitors come in handy for gaming is because of the Game Mode, a feature that lets you customize your monitor to match the game you are playing. You can change your screen’s lighting depending on the level of activity on your screen. The game mode was introduced to add some thrill to gaming, allowing you to immerse yourself in whichever game you choose. You don’t have to make manual adjustments beforehand.


Over the years, AOC has made a name for some of the best, affordable multi-purpose monitors. It’s evident from our review that these monitors are great, which makes AOC a good brand. Therefore, if you have a tight budget and would like a good monitor for whichever purpose, consider getting one from AOC, and you will be good to go.


1. Can I Use My AOC Monitor For Gaming?

Yes. In fact, AOC monitors are normally worked for gaming. These products have a game mode that matches gamers’ screens to their games, saving them from manual presets. AOC also has a gaming series known as Agon, which comprises monitors specifically suited for gaming. Users get RGB lighting at the back of the stand and can pair it up with several peripherals for smooth gaming.

2. How Does AOC Compete With Other Brands?

Despite selling its products at relatively lower prices, AOC still competes fairly with other gaming monitor brands. It has great gaming monitors with customizable features; a reason why it is a go-to brand for several people who can’t afford high-end brands. It’s also worth noting that this brand has promising specs, which makes it’s future bright. Let’s wait and see what they have in store for us.

3. Who Owns AOC?

AOC International, formerly known as Admiral Overseas Corporation, is owned by TPV Technology, a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturing company located in Hong Kong. However, AOC has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan.

4. Does My AOC Monitor Come With A Warranty?

Yes. Your AOC monitor has a warranty that covers damages from normal wear and tear and any malfunction emanating from the production process.