Is Acer A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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One of the problems that people looking for new PCs or laptops face is finding the right brand. This is because several brands have different appealing offerings, making it hard to choose. One of these is Acer, a renowned laptops and electronics brand founded by Stan Shih, his wife, and 5 others in 1976. Most people don’t know that Acer didn’t start as a laptop brand but as a tech distributor and microprocessor technology consultancy. At its conception, it has a market value of only $25,000 and only 11 employees, values that have significantly improved over time.

Within 2 decades, Acer had managed to restructure into 5 successful groups, i.e., Acer International Service Group, Acer Peripherals Group, Acer Information Products Group, Acer Sertek Service Group, and Acer Semiconductor Group. Now that you have a little history about this brand let’s get right into our topic of discussion.

Are Acer Products Worth Your Time And Money?

You want to know whether Acer is a good brand at this point. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to premium brands, Acer is one of the best brands in the market that you can obtain. However, it’s worth noting that most people underappreciate Acer products, maybe because they aren’t marketed as well as other brands and don’t, therefore, enjoy a relatively larger market share.

Overall, Acer laptops, PCs, and devices are great for their price range. You will even get some excellent and well-built laptops for gaming purposes. Stay with us to learn more about why people get Acer products if you consider one.

What Makes Acer Laptops Outstanding?

In this part, we discover why Acer laptops are unique to help you make a purchase decision. In case you have been wondering, here are some of the reasons you may need one:

1. Innovation

If you love devices, you will notice that Acer laptops are quite innovative. This company is heavily invested in innovation, as seen from the different products it keeps introducing into the market. It is lauded for some of the best ultra-portable designs in the laptop world, such as the Swift 7, which remains the slimmest laptop in the market. It measures 0.39 inches in thickness and only weighs 2 pounds, making it an excellent innovation.

Acer also boasts of the Triton product line, known for some of the most affordable yet highly functional gaming laptops, such as the Triton 900. It uses features and modifications such as the Ezel Aero Hinge, allowing some of its products to move backward and forward. Get an Acer device, and you may enjoy features such as improved cooling or keyboards that can slide forward.

2. Improved Tech Support

Another great reason to try out Acer products is increased teach support. This company has invested in trained and experienced customer care representatives who serve customers worldwide. You realize that every time you contact them, they are ready to help and offer responses suited to your problem or issue. Apart from the customer care professionals, you also get an easy-to-navigate website that allows you to locate and access your laptop through an SNID number. You can also reach their dedicated staff via social media, which is an excellent option for most people.

3. Price

As we mentioned, Acer products are great alternatives for those who can’t afford high-end devices or laptops due to the brand’s great pricing. You will get different options ranging from Chromebooks to convertible laptops at a relatively lower price, which you may not enjoy with other brands. For gamers who can’t afford Omen devices or other high-end HP gaming laptops, they have the predator brand, which competes fairly.

If you conduct thorough research before obtaining an Acer device, you will find an outstanding one at a great price.

4. Gaming

Acer has something for gamers, thanks to its renowned Triton and Predator product lines, which have several offerings for gaming enthusiasts. This brand’s laptops have high gaming compatibility, which manufacturers are working day in, and day out to achieve. Some of its amazing products include the renowned Nitro Spin 5, which is highly revered by gamers. Predator, which we mentioned at the beginning of this point, came out in 2007 to compete with high-end brands such as Dell G Series and the respected Omen product line.

Acer also offers Helios, a gaming laptop product sub-line, which falls under the predator tribe. You are spoilt for choice as a gamer, which is excellent.

5. Wide Range of Devices

Even though Acer devices do not get enough credit, this brand produces a wide range of products that can improve your life or change it completely. It has several product lines with well-built and high-performing devices that you can try out. Remember, at times, the most under-appreciated devices are the best.

Acer’s Quality Over Time

Acer started as a tech distributor and microprocessor tech ology consultant in the 70s before branching out two decades later. However, critics argue that despite its milestones in the 20th century, the 21st century hasn’t been all rosy, especially with increased competition given its dwindling product quality. However, that should not stop you from getting an Acer device, given that there are a few outstanding ones. Reading/ watching laptop reviews may therefore come in handy.

Remember, this brand still has product tribes, such as Predator, producing laptops that fairly compete with renowned and established brands such as HP Omen and Dell G Series.

Acer’s Flaws

We have looked at why people get Acer laptops, and now it’s time to discover some of this brand’s weaknesses that may make people shy away from buying its products. Here is what you should know:

1. Inconsistency in Review Scores

Even though Acer boasts of some of the most competitive devices in the market, it is important to note that they don’t enjoy consistent review scores. This means that you may have to conduct more extensive research than you think if you are interested in getting any of their devices. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t get good products, as this brand has intensively invested in innovation.

2. Durability

We are not saying that all Acer devices are not durable, but it is worth noting that budget laptops or devices are not always long-lasting. Remember, this brand offers cheaper alternatives to high-end products such as the HP Omen, which puts its products in the budget category. It’s a well-known fact that costly or more expensive laptops have a better build quality, which makes them highly durable. All in all, research properly, and you may end up with a durable Acer device.


Acer remains one of the best brands in the market if you are looking for affordable yet competitive devices. It has several product lines, including gaming devices that you may be interested in. Even though critics say that its products’ quality has dwindled over the years, you will still get quality devices if you research well. This may be the sign you need to get that Acer laptop you have always wanted.


1. Are Acer Devices Good For Gaming?

Yes. Acer produces some of the best gaming laptops in the market thanks to its Predator product lines which are then subdivided into two sublines. Most devices under this tribe have excellent designs and amazing specs. Most gamers revere them for the smooth running and extra performance boost allowance they offer. Predator laptops also support immersion and come with screens as large as 17 inches for casual and professional gaming. Additional features you are likely to enjoy include vibrant solutions and well-built speakers.

However, note that other Acer budget or mid-range laptops may not give you the gaming experience you need unless you are a casual gamer. This is because they lack the hardware needed to run high-end games. You may therefore have to dig deeper into your pockets if you need a gaming laptop from Acer.

2. Who Owns The Acer Brand?

Acer is owned by Acer Incorporated, a multinational IT and electronics company founded by Stan Shih, his friends, and his wife in the late 1970s. It didn’t start as a computer production company but as a semiconductor and electronics part producer and consultant. It started creating its PCs in 1987 and rebranded to Acer, a name that has stuck to date.

Acer is currently known for its wide selection of affordable laptops for casual users and gamers.

3. Which Are Some Of The Top-Rated Acer Laptops?

Even though Acer has a wide range of well-designed and highly functional laptops, some stand out from the rest. For anyone looking for an Acer laptop retailing at below $500, the Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is the best. Its features include a Full HD IPS display and a backlit keyboard.

The Acer Spin 3 Convertible laptop is also quite outstanding. It is recommended for artists and comes with several features, including a Full HD IPS touchscreen, a backlit keyboard, and a rechargeable active stylus. For gamers, the Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop is excellent.

4. What Do Reviews Say?

Most of the reviews on Acer laptops praise them for their affordability and warranty. Most people also mention this brand’s customer service experience, which we said is one of its greatest strengths. Gamers also talk about how amazing the brand’s gaming laptops are, thanks to their amazing specs and design.