Are Cody James Boots Good Enough To be Worth Its hype?

Before buying a boot, you might be confused about seeing a lot of brand names in front of you. If you see at least a few chosen brand names, Cody James must be one of them. This question is standard: are Cody James boots good enough to buy? The boot brand has passed the situation of facing questions like this. Probably you are not updated on their reputation.

Cody James is extraordinary in boot-making. It focuses on one point and has earned fame for this. Pure leathers, rubbers, and synthetics are crucial elements to their success. To achieve customer satisfaction, they keep their boots stylish, authentic, long-lasting, and eligible for proper fittings. According to the users, Cody James is worth their fame and reputation.

Since you have been here with us, you have been interested in Cody James. Spend a few minutes to read this topic; we won’t waste your time and let you be disappointed – it’s our promise.

Cody James Overview

A cowboy of Arkansas of USA, Cody James, founded the brand. Now Boot Barn is operating the main business of the Cody James boots. The company was established in 2012 as “Red Ranch Boot.”

Though the company is named after a cowboy Cody James, it has no business relationship with him. Instead, the man is just getting the advantages of using his name.

Besides the boot items, Cody James also sells western and cowboy fashion items, such as shirts, jeans, belts, hats, etc.

To whom do Cody James boots suit best?

All can use Cody James boots. It is suitable for the American western lifestyle. The main aim of this company is to run business with the western American lifestyle.  Remember, generally, boots are not used for everyday purposes at all. However, Cody James’ boots are helpful for some who have been busy in challenging work, watery work, muddy-related walking, and other rough places.

In the winter season, some find boots useful for their foot protection, comfort, and preventing winter’s cold. Whatever your wish is behind wearing a boot, Cody James is here to serve you the best one.

Items overview of Cody James

The most renowned Cody James boot items are Men’s Hoverfly British Tan, Full-Quill Ostrich Exotic Western, Python Bone Brown Exotic, Decimator, Square Toe, Caiman Cognac, Saddle, Composite Toe, Cowboy, Harness, and many more.

Since Cody James focuses on the Western Cowboy style, they have very few items for ladies. A few are – Idyllwind Women’s Triad, idyllwind Women’s Slay, etc. They have plenty of goods for ladies in their clothing section.

Build Quality and Materials

are cody james boots good enough

All China-made shoes are cheaper than those that China does not make. This is because a company goes to China for production, which means it is saving costs. Similarly, Cody James also wants to save expenditure by manufacturing products. When you are providing less money behind a production, you must sacrifice something in quality. Thus China-made products are comparatively less quality, and Mexican-made products are of higher price.

Authentic leather, synthetic, and rubber are the most common elements of Cody James boots making. However, depending on these elements, quality and prices differ from one another.

Wearing, comfort, and fashion of Cody James

Western and Cowboy fashion is the main concentration of Cody James boots. The company is successful in its aim and its fulfillment. If you have not used their products yet, we can guarantee you that you must be a lover of their sense of fashion.

Those who already used boots said they found comfort, proper fittings, luxury, sound design, authentic building quality, and materials.

Men’s Square Toe Boots

Those with a square toe need a particular formation in their boots, shoes, or other footwear. Regular structured shoes are not comfortable for them. Cody James has exceptional attention to this fact.

So, the company produces specially structured boots for these square toe having people.

Exotic Boots

Cody James Exotic Boots are another particular kind of boots. These boots consist of pure leather and pirarucu leather. These boots’ outsoles are made with original leather also. You can use them on western occasions and in general.

Where to buy Cody James boots?

You can buy Cody James boots both offline and online. Top-class e-commerce marketplace and online stores are other media to buy Cody James boots. eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Boot Barn, and Shepler are notable online sellers of Cody James boots.

Is Cody James worth its value?

Price is a vital fact in buying a thing. You can not avoid it in any product purchase. Now, in the case of product purchasing, people think only one thing: are they getting a product worth its value?

Some boots are made in America, while others are in China and Mexico. To avoid the higher cost of American production, it has shifted its manufacturing unit mainly to China. China-made products are for competing with other brands. In comparison, Mexican-made products are of higher quality and price.

Exotic Skin and Square toe boots are made in Mexico majorly, and others are in China. Though there are differences in China made and Mexico-made products, people’s favoritism goes to the Mexican-made things only because of quality.

In the question of value, Cody James is in the right place. They are offering value for money products.

What do people say about Cody James boots?

Nowadays, user review collection regarding a product is not a difficult job. However, our study shows that most users are satisfied with fulfilling their boot desire with the Cody James brand.

Satisfied Customers Say

Most of the customers are very satisfied with the Cody James boots. Only a negligible portion of the users said about unhappiness. We also mentioned this later. Leathers, rubber, and other materials are of top quality in the market.

Some customers’ allegation

Cody James Boots are very near to perfect. However, they are not sound fitting according to the presented size on the boots’ body. You must buy one or two-size larger to get the proper fitting. We highly recommend wearing a boot to test the size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Cody James exotic boots good?

Undoubtedly, Cody James exotic boots are one of the top quality in the market. With their build quality, materials and fittings, you must be happy.

Is Cody James a boot brand name?

Cody James is famous for special boots. Besides boot making, it also produces outerwear, jeans, shirts, belts, hats, etc. In a word, it’s a boot and clothing brand.

Are Cody James boots slip-resistant?

Yes, you can easily find some slip-resistance boot models from Cody James boots. These boots have a better insole, interior support, and EH-rated oil and slip resistance.

Are Cody James cowboy boots waterproof?

Yes, some Cody James boot models support waterproof facilities. If you need a waterproof boot, just go for it.

Where are Cody James boots made?

Cody James is an American brand. Basically, it produces shoes in China. However, recently, it has also manufactured its products in Mexico. Many say that Mexican products are more qualified than others.

Is Cody James A Boot Barn brand?

Yes, Boot Barn is selling all the Cody James products. In addition, they are operating the boot business under the name Cody James.


We have decorated our article with neutral information, real-life user experience, and various global forum discussions and officially provided social media information. After a lot of studies, we found it suitable for you, and that’s why we are with this topic – are Cody James boots good enough to be worth its hype?

We hope you are free from your entire Cody James boot regarding questions and confusion. However, if you still have any doubts or confusion, please let us know. We recommend Cody James boots, but the final decision is up to you.

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