Are Black And Decker A Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know

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The market offers several options when it comes to power tools and accessories, which presents one huge disadvantage- differentiating the good ones from the bad can be a daunting task. You must therefore exercise a great deal of care before picking one, or you will end up with poor-quality tools. We aim to make life easier for you by reviewing one of the brands that may have captured your attention, Black and Decker.

However, like in all our brand review articles, we must first furnish you with brief background information about this brand to help you get more acquainted with it. Let’s get started!

What Are Black And Decker?

Black and Decker are among the most popular tool brands in the United States and its environs. It was founded over 11 decades ago in 1910 and is currently headquartered in Townson, Maryland. The company recently merged with Stanley Tools (12th March 2010) and, with the merger, took up the name Stanley Black and Decker.

At the moment, Black and Decker is not a company on its own but a subsidiary that manufactures a range of products such as power tools, hardware, and accessories, among many others. Even though it is mainly marketed as a power tool and related appliances brand, Black and Decker also produce home appliances such as cookers, tea makers, and coffee makers.

Black And Deck Home Appliances

Black and Decker manufacture a range of products we can’t all cover in this article, so we will look at some of their best-selling products to give you an overview of what they manufacture and sell. Let’s get right into it.

1. Pro Tools

Black & Decker is mostly known for its innovative pro tools used by DIYers and professionals. Some of the most popular tools under this category include adjustable wrenches, lawnmowers, drills, chainsaws, pivot screwdrivers, and circular saws. Note that this brand is always revered for its diverse models when it comes to power tools.

2. Air Conditioners

Black & Decker has several portable air conditioners that are lauded by many for their quality and convenience. Most of these air conditioners can power rooms of up to 350 square feet, which is quite commendable. Some of the common features in their portable air conditioners include programmable on/off features and three cooling speeds, which allow you to set the temperature to your liking. Most of their models also operate quietly and conserve energy.

Note that these portable air conditioners also offer a level of flexibility most homeowners need. They are light and can be moved from one room to the next. Their automatic operation also means that once you set the temperature, you are good to go.

3. Vacuums

Black and Decker introduced the handheld vacuum in its catalog not so long ago, and from the look of things, it is one of the most successful home appliances it has ever produced. The vacuums, also known as cordless dustbusters, come with several features that users love such as a cyclonic action that removes even the toughest of dirt. You don’t have to worry about your surfaces getting destroyed because their vacuum cleaners are gentle on surfaces.

They are compact enough for easier movement and operation when working on dust, debris, or dirt. The compact size also means that these products are easy to store. Note that these handheld vacuums also have an automatic rewinding capability, meaning that you save time since you don’t have to wait for them to wind up.

Other notable features include a washable dustbin and a filter screen, which prevents the vacuum from clogging due to debris and hair. Lastly, the Black & Decker vacuums come in different sizes, giving you several options.

4. Toaster Ovens

Did you know that Black & Decker makes some of the best toaster ovens on the market? This brand is popular for its countertop convection toaster ovens which can be used to bake, toast, broil, and warm food. Most people love them because they only use 20 watts and are designed to ensure even cooking. Their operation mechanism is also unique as it circulates warm air to all the oven parts and above the food.

Other features include a larger space that can hold up to 4 bread slices and a detachable crumb tray for easier cleaning. This product should be in your kitchen.

5. Mini Fridges

If you haven’t seen a Black and Decker mini fridge, get it from us that this brand has several compact mini-fridges that mostly measure 2.5 cubic feet. You will find most of these mini fridges in small spaces such as apartments and offices, where they fit perfectly owing to their small sizes.

Black and Decker also went all innovative with the fridges’ interiors by including a dispenser system for spill reduction.

Now that you know some of the most popular products Black & Decker sells, it’s time to determine whether it is a good brand.

Is Black & Decker Worth Your Time And Money?

To determine whether Black & Decker is worth your time and money, we will look at how it performs in regard to a number of features such as build quality, pricing, and tool selections.

1. Quality

Before buying a power tool or home appliance, this should be one of your first considerations. Remember, quality also determines how durable a product is, which makes it a priority. When it comes to quality, most DIYers and professionals that use Black & Decker tools rate them as entry to mid-level. Most people love Black & Decker tools for their comfort and functionality. A good number believe that even though satisfactory, something can still be done about the quality of the tools.

For home appliances such as mini-fridges and handheld vacuums, the consensus is that this brand produces quality products that others should emulate.

2. Cost

Cost is also important when making a purchase decision, given everyone has their spending limits. The consensus from the reviews and customer feedback we have come across is that most of Black & Decker’s products are reasonably priced, which can be due to the fact that most of the products in its catalog are produced in China.

3. Warranty

The warranty coverage a manufacturer extends on its products can help you tell whether they are worth your time and money. Black & Decker has a limited lifetime warranty on most of its hand tools and a 2-year limited warranty on its power tools. Note that its official website has a disclaimer invalidating warranty covers contrary to the laws of the United States or other applicable laws. All in all, this brand seems to have better warranties than its counterparts, such as Bosch.

4. Product Portfolio

Product selection also plays a big role in determining whether a brand is worth your time and money. Customers love identifying with a given brand, which is impossible if it offers unlimited products. Luckily, Black & Decker has a rich product portfolio consisting of power tools, hand tools, electrical appliances, and home improvement products, among many others. Note that this company even has a pet and healthcare-related products.

Interested customers also get a variety to choose from when it comes to specific products. For example, the company has close to 30 options for those looking for functional drills. The same also goes for power tools.

From our brief discussion, it seems that Black & Decker is worth your time and money if you are looking for affordable and functional products.


Is Black and Decker a good brand? Yes. It offers an array of affordable, reliable, and highly convenient tools to add to your workshop’s tools collection. It also produces some of the best-performing home appliances, such as handheld vacuums and mini-fridges, which can be good additions to your space. Also note that for a brand to enjoy the type of rating Black and Decker does, it must offer quality and reliable products.


1. Does Black And Decker Produce Other Tools Apart From Hand And Power Tools?

Yes. Black & Decker has a rich portfolio, which most people may not know because it is marketed as a hand and power tools brand. It produces home appliances such as mini-fridges, portable vacuums, and convectional toasters, which have been greatly lauded for their functionality.

2. Does Black And Decker Make Its Products In The US?

Even though Black & Decker is an American brand, it manufactures most of its products outside the US, which is possible because of the high manufacturing costs in the US. It brands itself as a global manufacturer and distributor of power tools and currently produces its products in China, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and a few in the US.

3. Who Owns Black And Decker?

Following Stanley Works’ acquisition of Black & Decker, the tool brand is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Inc, one of the biggest industrial tools and household hardware manufacturers in the United States.

4. Is Black And Decker An American Brand?

Yes. Black and Decker is an American brand headquartered in Townson, Maryland. However, it considers itself a global manufacturer and distributor of tools.